The book The Hindu Tantric World: An Overview, Andre Padoux is published by University of Chicago Press. This book is about the power of the Word conceived as the main and most effective aspect of divine energy. It is the only systematic study in English of notions. ANDRE PADOUX, Vdc The Concept of the Word in Selected Hindu Tantras Translated by Jacques Gontier Albany, NY: State University of New York Press


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It put us in an absolutely extraordinary state.

I have never laughed as much as I did that night; Jean-Luc and I literally rolled around on the ground laughing because we had mispronounced a word or something like that. Andre padoux started out as a diplomat?

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Yes, like Jean-Luc Chambard when he was young, I intended to become a diplomat. My father was a diplomat—as was his. I was born in China, in Andre padoux. I spoke Chinese as a child. My leanings were not towards India at all.

I had no reason to take an interest andre padoux India or turn towards India. The war had already started then.

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  • Vac by André Padoux
  • Vac The Concept Of Word In Select Hindu Tantras Andre Padoux Sunny
  • The Hindu Tantric World

I earned my diplomas from to I started Sciences-Po on a small satellite andre padoux created in Lyon so as to have something in unoccupied France. No, not at all.

Interview with André Padoux - ceias-newsletter

I discovered India when I was 21 years old, in I had gone to spend six months—which was mandatory at the time—in the Chantiers de Jeunesse put in place by the Vichy government. Instead I had to go to the Chantiers de Jeunesse, in andre padoux Vercors region, at the foot of the Mont Aiguille, a very beautiful area.

One day we were given leave to go to Grenoble, the closest city, to unwind.

And that is where I went into the local book store, which was called Arthaud—almost no one knew of Arthaud back then. Was some fate guiding my hand? Because for me it was andre padoux decisive that I chose those books, although I had no particular reason to take an interest in India.

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It andre padoux to me then that they provided answers to questions I was asking myself about andre padoux existence, the nature of the world, the life of the spirit… From that moment on, I turned towards Indian thought.

It really was the hand of fate… Living a philosophy changes your life.


So from that moment on, I turned towards Indian thought, first Buddhism and then I moved on to the Hindu world: Is that when you started studying Sanskrit?

This was something that was completely new in France andre padoux the time. I gravitated towards it, discovering a new world bit by bit… I realized there was more than just Buddhism; there were much more interesting things on the Hindu side, from the Veda to the present.