Chance Rolfson comes from a long line of Ardneh's followers, descendants from to unlocking Ardneh's greatest gift, known to the followers as Ardneh's Sword. Simple prose and a straightforward plot make the latest entry in Saberhagen's Empire of the East saga perfect for younger fantasy fans. Ardneh's Sword has ratings and 18 reviews. Bookwraiths said: Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths ReviewsArdneh's Sword is a “bridge” story linking F.


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Terrifying images of death and destruction that refuse to leave his mind even when he awakes. Naturally, things do not go smoothly ardneh s sword the journey; bandits, demon worshipers, demons and even a mysterious djinni with his own schemes causing untold complications and misery for the band.

But it's just so nice to see that Fred Saberhagen can still write as well as ever at the ardneh s sword of A young man plagued with vivid nightmares, Chance hopes to clear his head by joining a forest expedition that seeks physical proof of Ardneh's existence.

Ardneh's Sword

The aristocratic parents of year-old Chance Rolfson, a descendant of the hero Rolf, whose adventures are chronicled in Empire of the Eastencourage the lad to join an expedition seeking ancient artifacts associated with the godlike being Ardneh.

Their goal is to discover the great vault prophesized to hold the savior of humanity's secrets ardneh s sword his own power and wisdom. Demons are powerless before the Emperor.

Any of his children and to a lesser extent, their children, etc. Magic[ edit ] Magic is an arcane and subtle art in the Swords universe.

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It takes a lifetime of training and dedication to pull off the simplest of parlor tricks. The most powerful sorcerers often have several lifetimes of mastery under their belt, as these mighty few have learned to delay aging and death, usually sacrificing their humanity somewhere along the way.

Magic is very fragile; unsheathed blades and other iron or steel objects degrade ardneh s sword power significantly. Thus it has limited martial uses. It is most often used to influence others, to mentally suggest or trick, to tame or calm.


It can be used to accelerate healing, and dispel the effects of alcohol and drugs. Many times, armor ardneh s sword other implements are charmed by the use of symbols and spells to enhance their effectiveness.

Magic can be layered on over time, increasing its effectiveness. If one wanted to shut a door, one could spend literally weeks and months enchanting it, adding one spell on top of another, creating a magical barrier that could stop a determined intruder for days on end.

Wizards require both natural talent and great training to develop their art.

Books of Swords - Wikipedia

However, this also imparts sensitivity to magical effects, which can have downsides. For example, in the Second Book of Swords, a treasure hoard was protected behind a magical maze. Magical sensitivity was required to navigate the maze successfully, but the maze's magical nature subjected Wizards to constant magical ardneh s sword.

Like demonswizards are very picky about who knows their true name, for they are especially vulnerable to spells and magic incorporating this information.

Religion[ edit ] There are three major religious sects in the Swords universe. Although many privately worship their own gods or goddesses in small shrines spread throughout the land, these three are institutions ardneh s sword can be found no matter where one goes.


The colors coincide with the colors of the American flag; since multiple continents are mentioned in the series, this would strongly indicate that the stories take place in North Ardneh s sword.