Bangalore officially known as Bengaluru is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. It has a .. In , the first flight between Bangalore and Bombay took off, which placed the city on India's urban map. After India's independence in August. Find Bangalore Large City Map showing major roads, railways lines, hotels, hospitals, water bodies, airports, places of interest, landmarks, etc. Bangalore Map: Google map of Bangalore, India. Map of Bangalore, India. Google Map of Bangalore, India (Bengaluru). View Larger Map. Location Map of.


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Some of the popular restaurants in Bangalore are: Konark, at Residency Road, are known for their special south Indian meal at lunch time and their egg less cakes and pastries. The Koshy's Bar and Restaurant, located on St. Bangalore map Bangalore being the pub city has many entertaining options for everyone to go and just relax at a pub.

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The New Night Watchman, located on Church Street, is a cool and dimly lit bar and bangalore map a nice place to come and grab a mid day beer. Cosmo Village, located bangalore map Agatha Road, is a fun place to hang out at.

F- Bar, in the Le Meridien Hotel, is a sophisticatedly place which plays good hip-hop music and the USP is that every night is ladies night!

Nineteen Twelve, located on St. Mark's Road, is an elegant place with high ceilings and a stylish crowd. They bangalore map live music and a DJ to liven things up.


B Bowring, the then Chief Commissioner of the Mysore state inthe Government Museum is now an archaeological museum and contains a rare collection of artefacts such as old coins, jewellery, sculptures and inscriptions. The Halmidi Inscription, the earliest ever Kannada inscription ever discovered can be found in this museum too This Bull Temple is the largest temple dedicated to Nandi in the world.

Nandi is believed to be a devotee and a close attendant of Lord Shiva, apart from being his vehicle vahana Since the morning, thousands of participants gather in the city streets, which become … Open Active bangalore map Another interesting way to spend your day actively is to perform hiking or camping.


Bangalore can bangalore map with rich natural resources and a favorable climate for these activities. On the outskirts of Bangalore, you can practice mountaineering, where are numerous stone rocks and granite hills.

Bangalore Large City Map

You can choose for … Open Advices for travellers Travelers, who expect bangalore map spend a lot of time in nature, are recommended to make a vaccination against malaria, or take special medicines. Leaving tips in the local restaurants and cafes is not customary, but waiters will be really grateful if you treat them with some tips.

You can also leave tips to maids in hotels. The Bangalore torpedo was invented in Bangalore in While it remained in the princely territory of Mysore, Cantonment had a large military presence and a cosmopolitan civilian population that came from outside the princely state of Mysore, including British and Anglo-Indians army officers.

The crisis caused by the outbreak catalysed the city's sanitation process. Telephone lines were laid to help co-ordinate anti-plague bangalore map.

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Regulations for building new houses with proper sanitation facilities came into effect. A health officer was appointed and the city divided into four wards for better co-ordination.

Several bangalore map such as the construction of parks, public buildings and hospitals were instituted to improve the city. Mahatma Gandhi visited the city in and and addressed public meetings here.

The Government of Karnataka later constituted the Bangalore Development Authority in to co-ordinate the activities of these two bodies. Bangalore experienced rapid growth in the decades —51 and —81, which bangalore map the arrival of many immigrants from northern Karnataka.