The Grand Tour is a series of novels written by American science fiction author Ben Bova. The novels present a theme of exploration and colonization of the solar system by humans in the late 21st century. Most of the books focus on the exploration of one particular planet or The new expedition is funded by billionaire Dex Trumball and his father, who  ‎List of novels, in · ‎Prominent/recurring · ‎Recurring organizations · ‎Corporations. New Earth, by Ben Bova. Tor, , $, pp.) reviewed by Zeke Teflon "Novel, n. A short story padded" --Ambrose Bierce, The. New Earth follows the first manned Earth mission out of our solar system, an expedition to the surprisingly Earth-like planet Sirius C. When the.


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The characters, including the primary character, Jordan, are ciphers; none of them have any complexity or passion. And most of the expedition members are little more than names attached to functions.

Titan ben bova new earth, John W. Campbell Memorial Award Goddard has arrived in orbit around Saturn, and the task of exploring the moon Titan begins.


At the same time, scientist Nadia Wunderly seeks to prove that there are lifeforms living in the rings of Saturn. On top of this, scheming amongst the population complicates matters even further.

Review: New Earth, by Ben Bova | Sharp and Pointed

Ben bova new earth Aftermath ; The Asteroid Wars, v. As the family's ship is attacked, Victor the father separates the command module from the rest of the ship to draw the attackers away; but leaves his family no way of getting home, as they drift on a 5-year orbital journey.

After life-altering changes, Dorn and Elverda travel the Asteroid Belt searching ben bova new earth the bodies of the dead who perished in the Asteroid Wars; but Martin Humphries is bent on destroying both of them.

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Kao Yuan is the captain of the spacecraft "Viking", which is on the mission to kill Dorn and Elverda; however, Humphries' former lover, Tamara, is the real commander, and she begins to have plans of her ben bova new earth.

Eventually, Fate brings all these people together at the right moments in order to restore Humanity, and bring justice. The death of his son bring Waterman and his wife back to Earth, and puts them both in a slump.

Over the years, the New Morality has slowly been taking over the American government, and gaining power; the NM restricts and censors anything that is a threat to them, and hide behind religion. One of their biggest concerns is the Mars program, which is taking money away from projects that would benefit the dystopian-style Earth.

Waterman wants to preserve the Martian life and culture, while Dex is willing to open Mars up to wealthy tourists. The Navajo scientist and Vijay return to Mars in time of great discovering; a Martian village and relics have been found, as well as what might be a graveyard, holding remains of an ancient, intelligent Martian race.

Jamie struggles to find the balance of things, as time and money begin to ben bova new earth out; and the answer could be found in his dreams.

New Earth by Ben Bova

Venus - Van Humphries is the younger of the two sons of Martin Humphries; a man who ultimately despises him, and regards him as a weakling. Van's older brother, Alex, was always there to protect him, until his death on the first crewed mission sent to touch ben bova new earth on Venus.


I liked this book very much and recommend it to any science fiction reader. Can't say I'm aching for another.

“New Earth” by Ben Bova | Just a World Away

Bova tries to do a "first contact" story mixed with cautionary environmentalism, astrobiology, and something resembling a love story. Maybe if he'd taken any of the distinct elements seriously, it would have worked out, but ben bova new earth aspect is superficial in this hodgepodge.

I finished it, so I can't put just 1 star.

There was a problem adding your email address. Eighty years ago, Earth dispatched a starship to the planet, which was known to have water and an oxygen atmosphere.

But we also know ask Dr.

Imagine the consternation among the crew then, to find that the people here are exactly like us. Later, their DNA is examined and confirms this even at that level. Much of the rest of the book is about the responses ben bova new earth crew members, who react with fear, even xenophobia, or more moderately with skepticism and doubt or find that the fascination of learning new science and technology overrides those more primitive reactions.


Jordan even becomes emotionally involved with one of the women, Aditi, whom he learns to trust but ben bova new earth difficulty in convincing other crew members, who claim that his emotion clouds his judgement and even stage a revolt against his leadership.

The aliens live in a city, but it is the only one on the planet and contains only thousands of people and no children.