The first one-volume evangelical Wesleyan commentary on the entire Bible. Nearly 50 Wesleyan scholars collaborated on this landmark aid to pastors, students. Written by well-known and popular theologians, Bible commentaries aid in the study of Scripture by providing explanation and interpretation of Biblical text.‎Matthew Henry Commentary · ‎John Gill's Exposition of the Bible · ‎Dr. Bob Utley. BIBLE COMMENTARIES. Spurgeon's Advice Regarding Consulting the Commentaries. The "prince of preachers" Charles Haddon Spurgeon in.


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The Gnomon of the New Testament is still bible commentaries of the books most valued by expositors of the New Testament. Spurgeon regarded Burkitt's commentary as a "goodly volume," and recommended "attentive perusal" of it. However it is not food the people lack bible commentaries we might expect, but there is a famine of the Word of God.

Bible Commentaries

Through this study you will be reminded of the importance of the Word of God in your lives. Books on the Old Testament tend to be either technical and tedious or bible commentaries and moralistic. He is a very prudent and judicious commentator Below are some of the resources readily available on preceptaustin.

Consult Conservative Commentaries Someone has quipped that it is amazing how much light the Scriptures shed on the commentaries.

Focus on the Bible Commentaries (41 vols.) - Logos Bible Software

It follows that the discerning reader should always perform their own inductive Bible study before consulting the commentaries. Too many students go to the commentary before they go to the Book or even the Author of the Book!

Remember that every commentary is written by a human author, and is it is natural that the comments are strongly biased by the author's general belief system and the approach to the interpretation of Scripture. Therefore it behooves the judicious student of God's Word to restrict himself or herself to Conservative Commentaries.

This practice is especially critical in bible commentaries interpretation of prophetic books like Daniel and Revelation.

Click a brief discussion of the common methods of interpreting Revelation [preterist, historicist, idealist, futurist or literalist ] and a list of bible commentaries futuristic commentaries and sermons.

Click for a list of futuristic commentaries and sermons on the book of Daniel. Commentaries on prophetic books vary widely in their interpretative approachand you may not always be able to easily discern their bias.

Click list of published Revelation commentaries categorized by the predominant interpretative view of the author.

If an interpreter does not use the normal, customary, literal method of interpreting Scripture, interpretation is given over to an unconstrained imagination and presuppositions which explains the imaginative, confusing interpretations of non-literal interpreters.

Remember that all the prophecies of the Old and New Testament that have been fulfilled to date have been fulfilled literallythus there is no precedent for anything but a literal approach to the prophetic books containing prophecies yet to be fulfilled.

Preachers, teachers, students and other individuals who want to dig deep into the heart of the Bible commentaries Testament will find an indispensable companion in the IVP New Testament Commentary Series. The principal Karaite Bible commentators were Nahavendi ninth century ; Abu al-Faraj Harun ninth centuryexegete and Hebrew grammarian; Solomon ben Yerucham tenth century ; Sahal ben Mazliach diedHebrew grammarian and lexicographer; Joseph al-Bazir died ; Japhet ben Alithe greatest Karaite commentator of the tenth century; and Judah Hadassi died Besides bible commentaries on the Bible, Saadiah wrote a systematic treatise bringing revealed religion into harmony with Greek philosophy.

Best Commentaries | Old and New Testament Bible Commentary reviews, ratings, and prices

He bible commentaries became the forerunner of Maimonides and the Catholic Schoolmen. Solomon ben Isaaccalled Rashi born wrote very popular explanations of the Talmud and the Bible.

Abraham Ibn Ezra of Toledo died had a good knowledge of Oriental languages and wrote learned commentaries on the Old Testament. He was the first to maintain that Isaiah contains the work of two prophets.


Moses Maimonides diedthe greatest Jewish scholar of the Middle Ages, of whom his coreligionists said that "from Moses to Moses there was none like Moses", wrote his bible commentaries to the Perplexed", which was read by St.

He was a great admirer of Aristotle, who was to him the representative of natural knowledge as the Bible was of the supernatural.

Bible Commentary

There were the two Kimchis, especially David died of Narbonne, who bible commentaries a bible commentaries grammarian, lexicographer, and commentator inclined to the literal sense. He was followed by Nachmanides of Catalonia dieda doctor of medicine who wrote commentaries of a cabbalistic tendency; Immanuel of Rome born ; and the Karaites Aaron ben Josephand Aaron ben Elias fourteenth century.

Modern[ edit ] Isaac Abarbanel born Lisbon; died Venicewas a statesman and scholar.

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None of his predecessors came so near the modern ideal of a commentator as he did. Bible commentaries prefixed general introductions to each book, and was the first Jew to make extensive use of Christian commentaries.