FROM THE BOOK: Observance of this fast brings fulfillment to all wishes and Brihaspati god becomes happy. One observing this fast attains wealth, learning,  Missing: bhagwan ‎| ‎Must include: ‎bhagwan. Brihaspativar Vrat Katha is dedicated to Brihaspativar Dev (Jupiter). Bhraspativar or Brihaspatiwar or Thursday or गुरूवार or Guruvar. Here below is the Audio Video of Brihaspati Vrat Katha that will narrate the importance of performing Brihaspati Puja. Have a look: Brihaspati Dev Vrat Katha.


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Bhraspativar (Thursday) Aarti

Set as ringtone here 6. Many inspirational quotes which can be shared via social media 7. Application brihaspati bhagwan ki katha option 8. More useful application search option 9. OM chant available On the day of fast, a person should wake up before sunrise and after completing the routine works like bathing etc.

Bhraspatiji ki Aarti, बृहस्पति जी की आरती

Then Lord Brihaspati bhagwan ki katha and Brihaspati is worshiped with yellow flowers, gram Dal, yellow sandalwood, sweet made of Besan, turmeric, yellow rice etc. Person observing fast should not wash his head on the day of fast. He should not shave, and should have the meal containing no salt.

After worshiping Lord Brihaspati Jupiter in the morning, yellow sweet should be offered to God. And, in the evening, yellow colored clothes should be donated. Jupiter is revered as celestial preceptor of the Gods. He grants the boons of parent-hood to the childless and good education for their children.

Thursdays are considered to be the best day for the worship of Jupiter. On this day the Brihaspativar Dev is worshipped by using yellow colored ingredients, yellow flowers, yellow gram Dal and yellow sweets wearing yellow colored clothes Brihaspativar VRAT KATHA — I It is a story of ancient times — There was a king who was very powerful and munificent he use to observe fast on every Thursday and offer brihaspati bhagwan ki katha.


This was something his Queen detested very much neither she observed fasts nor did she give a single paisa in charity.

She used to forbid the king also from doing so. Once it so happened that the king went to the forest to hunt wild game, there brihaspati bhagwan ki katha only the Queen and her maids in the palace.

Brihaspativar Vrat Katha : बृहस्पतिवार व्रत कथा

Meanwhile, Guru Brihaspati donned in the disguise of a saint, came to the palace to collect alms. When the saint asked the Queen to give alms she said.

The family began starving. Saying this king set out to some other country.

There he began earning his livelihood by cutting firewood from forest and selling these in the town. The queen brihaspati bhagwan ki katha her maids had begun feeling the absence of the king.

The maid returned and told everything to brihaspati bhagwan ki katha queen the helpless as she had become began cursing her fate. I was observing fast in the worship of Brihaspati God. Meanwhile, your maid happened to come, but since, during the period while one is listening to the stories related to a deity, one is neither supposed to speak nor is one supposed to leave the place of worship.

I too had to observe silence.

Brihaspati Vrat Audio & Video

She told her sister how she had been starving along with her brihaspati bhagwan ki katha. Hearing this one of the maids went inside to check and found a pitcher full brihaspati bhagwan ki katha grains in a corner.

The maid was greatly surprised as she had checked all the vessels and pitchers earlier and they were all empty. On the advice of her maid, the queen inquired from her sister about observance of fasts in the worship of Brihaspati God.

The queen and her maid both decided that they would definitely offer their worships to Brihaspati God, so after seven days they observed fast.