The rest of this first volume, Building the Gymnastic Body, is an in depth exploration of Basic Strength and its two components, fundamental static positions and fundamental bodyweight exercises. either be necessary or helpful in developing the basic strength exercises. Building the Gymnastic Body Table of Contents. INTRODUCTION I. CHAPTER ONE. Gymnastics as Conditioning 3. CHAPTER TWO. GeneralĀ  How to build a routine..? - Getting Started. Rough Strength review of "Building the Gymnastic Body" by coach Christopher Sommer. Should you read this book? Learn here.


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Gymnastics coach Christopher Sommer explains, "Now another question that we should ask ourselves--is the bodyweight training of the Olympians also beneficial to the fitness enthusiast?

And building gymnastic body so, is it possible to apply at least some of it to those without a professional instructor to guide them or tens of thousands of dollars of specialized gymnastics equipment?

And the answers are once again--yes and yes. There are some of our specialized exercises that are relatively easy to learn and require little or no equipment beyond a chinup bar and some floor space. These two exercises build strength and size in the entire upper body and core. During these exercises you hold your body in a static position and progress to other positions.


Tuck Planche Pushups By the time you begin working straddle planches, you will have achieved a reasonable amount of static strength and are ready to begin adding a dynamic movement to your static hold. The building gymnastic body of a tuck planche push-up is fairly straightforward; while in an advanced tuck planche position, simply attempt to perform a pushup.

To receive the full benefit, be sure or at least try! Don't forget to fully building gymnastic body the elbows at the to of the movement. Reps and sets are completely up to you.

Straddle Planche Pushups Once building gymnastic body have learned both the straddle planche and tuck planche push-ups, you are now strong enough to tackle straddle planche push-ups.

You could consider the planche pushup a super bench press or a full body press. In addition to working the triceps, chest and front delts, you also have a full contraction of the lats, middle back and lower back as well as the traps.

Building The Gymnastic Body: The Science of Gymnastics Strength Training

The triceps and the forearms are also working hard stabilizing the elbow joint. Core strength is extremely taxed as the upper and lower abs, obliques, serratus and hip flexors all struggle to maintain the stretched body position.

From the straddle planche, begin to lower yourself to the ground. Be careful to keep the hips level building gymnastic body the shoulders as you descend, as there is a tendency when first learning this skill to simply try to dip the shoulders forward. Pause just off the ground and extend back up to the straddle planche.

Building The Gymnastic Body: The Science of Gymnastics Strength Training by Christopher Sommer

Also be aware that as you rise from the bottom position, it will be building gymnastic body a struggle to maintain your hips level with your shoulders.

Variations At first you may only be able to lower but not lift out of this position. Any of Pavel's kettlebell variations for learning military presses will also work fine here.

The Front Lever Progressions As before, we will begin our training progression with various static positions and from there progress to the more difficult pulling movements.

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For the front lever series be sure to use a shoulder width overhand grip fingers pointing away as this will increase the amount of power you can exert during these exercises.

Also, as with the planche series, it is very important to keep the elbows straight as bending the elbow will lesson the intensity and possible gains of these exercises. Tuck Front Lever Using any kind of comfortable support chin-up bar, tree branch, rings etc. Bring your knees building gymnastic body your chest and then strive to lift your hips in front of you while at the same time leaning back with your shoulders.

At this time it is fine to allow your back to curve as you learn and build strength in the movement. Your goal is to eventually be able to pull your hips up to horizontal or level with your shoulders with an approximately 45 degree angle between the arms and torso.

This is however, a very difficult position for beginners and building gymnastic body will probably need to build up to it gradually. At first, simply lift your hips as high as you can and begin timing your sets. As before, combine your sets until reaching a total time of 60 seconds.