CBAP certification exam prep and training courses have helped thousands pass their Learn About CBAP Certification Study CBAP Material Take A CBAP. CBAP Certification Study Guide v [Richard Larson, Elizabeth Larson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The 1st CBAP v Study Guide. CBAP® exam has been translated into Japanese.* Available at Prometric about the case. It is competency-based and aligned with BABOK® Guide Version 3.


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How to Study for and Pass the CBAP® Exam in 24 hours

Besides cbap certification study guide with my consulting clients I was preparing for my first child, dealing with insurance companies as a result of a vehicle collision, evaluating a couple of new business opportunities and performing a renovation of our basement.

Oh, and I thought it was a good time to learn how to take my SLR camera off of automatic so I started taking photography lessons too. For me there was no time to commit to a study group. Knowing I was in a time crunch I needed to focus on the activities that would provide the most benefit in my limited studying time.

Level 3 - CBAP - IIBA | International Institute of Business Analysis

Here are the things I did to maximize my productivity while studying for the exam. I am by no means a speed reader nor do I have a photographic memory so to help avoid information overload and help with concept absorption Cbap certification study guide would read no more than one chapter at a time.

To help with concept retention at the end of each task within a chapter I would stop and reflect on my personal experiences to draw parallels to what the BABOK was conveying.

This dramatically reduced the amount of time I would be staring at a page trying to remember each and every word. Like others have mentionedI found that the terminology in the BABOK did not always jive with my on the job experiences, but I found that the more I read the easier it was to correlate my existing knowledge with the generic terms found in the BABOK.

If you are an auditory learner then cbap certification study guide step may be especially challenging for you. As a result I needed to find some good resources that had plenty of practice questions.

After I signed up I took a couple of the warm up sessions to get used to the wording of the questions. At first I did quite poorly; I was surprised by how precise your responses needed to be in order to get the correct answer. I also realized that there would be many straight knowledge questions that needed me to have a better handle on the specific inputs and outputs of each task particularly the inputs.

This feedback was a good wakeup call for me and allowed me to focus on ensuring I understood the precise wording the BABOK used and how concepts were related to each other.


Total Time Spent first practice sessions: Lather, Rinse, Repeat Once I started using the practice questions, I cbap certification study guide read a chapter of the BABOK completely and then the next day I would answer all of the questions relating to that knowledge area.

This helped me make sure that I was not simply using my short term recall memory but that some of the information had sunk in. After each section I would go back and find the specific areas that I had scored incorrectly and spent 1 or 2 minutes on each section to ensure I learned why I had gotten the question wrong as opposed to trying to force in the right answer.

This helped remove any lingering recall in my memory for the incorrect answer and helped me gain an appreciation for the correct answer on a deeper level.

Each section took about an hour to complete; since I rarely had more than an hour to study at a time the following day I would read a new chapter and then the next day I would answer the questions on that knowledge area.

I followed this process for about two weeks and then ended up having to take almost three weeks off between studying periods due to other commitments. Final Preparation With the long layoff between my practice sessions and my final preparation I did a quick re-read of the main chapters while taking 50 question practice exams.

The practice helped me feel confident about my overall grasp of the BABOK and helped me focus on particular areas that needed some improvement. The night before I took one final practice exam in about an hour and a half and then went out to take my mind off of the exam.

Write the Exam Once I got into the exam I felt that my preparation had been well geared towards passing the exam. While I had been running through full practice exams in 90 minutes or less I let myself take the time on the actual exam to study each question carefully and then come back and review questions I was not confident about after I had gone through the entire exam.

I ended up taking about 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete the actual exam. The key to success for me was to have an understanding of what the exam would be like and then cbap certification study guide backwards to look at what tools and techniques would be effective in ensuring I could successfully complete such an exam in the timeframe I had to work with.

They had over questions with a range of difficulty and covering all the knowledge areas.