Golden Boy, drama in three acts by Clifford Odets, produced and published in It traces the downfall of Joe Bonaparte, a gifted young musician who. Welcome to the teacher resource guide for Lincoln Center Theater's production of Clifford Odets' classic play Golden Boy. Playwright Clifford Odets, “the. Golden Boy is a drama romance film based on the Clifford Odets play of the same name. Directed by Rouben Mamoulian, The film stars Barbara Stanwyck,  Music by‎: ‎Victor Young.


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Plot[ edit ] Young, promising violinist Joe Bonaparte Holden is in financial difficulties and is faced with the question of whether he clifford odets golden boy earn money as a boxer, but risk hand injuries, or do without the big money. Moody is a man in his forties who used to manage all of the great professional boxers.

He is distraught when he hears from Joe the day of a fight that Moody's best boxer, Kaplan, has broken his hand while training with Joe. Moody is even more disturbed when Joe pressures him to let Joe fight in Kaplan's place, but is happy when Joe is not knocked out.

However, after several fights, Moody realizes that Joe is holding back in the ring by pulling his punches. When Joe's father tells Moody that it is because Joe is a violinist and is afraid of hurting his hands, Moody is happy again, thinking that he can manipulate Joe into giving up his dream of being a musician.

Like the other managers, Moody sees Clifford odets golden boy as an object to be obtained and used. To this end, he instructs his girlfriend, Lorna Moon, to seduce Joe away from his old life and into the boxing life.

This works, and Joe steadily devotes himself to boxing, in the process developing a cocky attitude.

Golden Boy by Clifford Odets

This does not sit well with Moody, who starts to wish Joe would lose a fight, even though it would cut into Moody's profits. At the same time, Moody is forced to give up some of his profits when Eddie Fuseli, a gambler and gangster, coerces Moody into selling a share of Joe's management.

Lorna's seductions work all too well on Joe, who falls in love with her. Although Lorna feels the same about Joe and says that she will tell Moody she is leaving him, she cannot do it at first. Moody is a desperate man and tells Lorna that he would be lost without clifford odets golden boy.

Lorna is struck by this vulnerability and renounces her intention to leave Moody, although she later tells Clifford odets golden boy that she loves Joe. Lorna's inability to leave Moody enrages Joe, and the love triangle creates much animosity between Joe and Moody.


At one point, Moody is so sick of Joe that he offers to sell his entire management portion to Fuseli, although he does not end up doing this. The fight with the Baltimore Chocolate Drop is the night before Moody's planned wedding to Lorna, who dies with Joe in a car accident.

clifford odets golden boy

Golden Boy Summary

When Joe first introduces himself to Moody and tries to get Moody to let him fight for him, Lorna encourages Joe to keep pressuring Moody. Although Lorna is very perceptive, Moody and his partners are very chauvinistic to her, often kicking her out of the office when she tries to give her opinion.

However, once Moody realizes that Joe is struggling with his decision to give up the violin, Moody appeals to Lorna to use her feminine charms to seduce Joe away from his home life and musical dreams.

Although Lorna starts out trying to do just this, she eventually falls in love with Joe. However, when she sees what her leaving would do to Moody, she fails to acknowledge her love for Joe, a fact that inspires hate in Joe, which clifford odets golden boy uses to win in the boxing ring.


Lorna has come from a bad home life, where her father beat her mother repeatedly and her mother committed suicide. As a result, Lorna drinks heavily clifford odets golden boy many occasions.

When she meets Moody, he helps pull her out of poverty, a fact that influences her decision to scorn Joe and stay with Clifford odets golden boy. However, Lorna is torn by her decision, and confesses her love for Joe to Moody, after Joe is not around to hear it.

Golden Boy

This fact does not impede Moody's engagement to Lorna, an event that further enrages Joe. From this point on, most conversations between Joe and Lorna are heated, and Lorna is the one who tells Joe that he is turning into a killer, which turns out to be a prophetic line when Joe kills the Chocolate Clifford odets golden boy.

Fuseli sees the effect that Lorna is having on Joe and tries to keep her away from him. In the end, however, Lorna is the only one who understands the pain that Joe is going through after killing a man. They leave together in Joe's car and drive into the night, intending to leave their respective lives clifford odets golden boy.

However, Lorna and Joe are killed in a car accident in the process. Siggie Siggie is Joe's brother-in-law and Anna's clifford odets golden boy. Although he pleads with his father-in-law, Mr.