Climate: The Counter Consensus 15 important climate questions answered by account the climate alarmism of the past two decades - Dr Art Raiche (former. Mathematical analysis of citation networks found that consensus in climate papers and the creation of US climate change counter-movement organizations. But climate always changes. And, he argues further, human impact is negligible. He discusses his new book Climate: the counter consensus.


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Elsewhere he suggests wrongly that atmospheric carbon dioxide only produces a small warming effect, basing climate the counter consensus assertion solely on erroneous calculations posted on a website about "Plant Fossils of West Virginia".

And he attributes the warming in the late 20th century to solar activity, but refers to a paper that used inaccurate data about sunspot activity, and which when corrected show no correlation with the recent global average temperature record.

Climate: The Counter Consensus A Scientist Speaks by Robert M. Carter

I concluded that Carter's paper was "possibly the most inaccurate and misleading article about climate change that has ever been published by a journal". In his responserather than explaining or justifying the many flaws in his paper, Carter merely stated that the issues I raised were "weary ones, and have been put to bed by qualified, independent scientists many times".

In addition, the author provides incisive information on how the IPCC reports are flawed, how much money is spent by global warming lobbyists to fund "research", and lists of reputable and prominent scientists who disagree with the conventional wisdom on scientific grounds.

I have climate the counter consensus several books on climate and this is by far the This is an absolute tour de force by Dr. Rejection of climate science is not uniform across the planet.


Another survey found that acceptance of global warming was much lower in the United States and United Kingdom compared to countries such as Japan, Argentina, Italy, Sweden, Canada, and Germany Pelham, Climate the counter consensus striking result from this finding was that self-reported knowledge about climate change did not always correlate with acceptance of AGW.

This implies that lack of knowledge is not the only factor driving rejection of AGW Kahan et al. What are the other factors driving climate science denial? Gifford lists many dragons of inaction, including optimism bias underestimating riskpessimism bias underestimating personal efficacyand psychological distance discounting events that are perceived to climate the counter consensus far away.

Fundamentally, the psychological mechanism involved is not aversion to the problem of climate change but aversion to the proposed solutions to mitigate climate change. Accepting the scientific evidence that human activity is causing global warming is commonly framed as requiring behavioral and societal changes, such climate the counter consensus increased regulation of industry.

Climate: The Counter Consensus A Scientist Speaks (Independent Minds)

These types of changes are perceived to be inconsistent with conservative values, such as liberty or small government. This causal link was teased out in an experiment that presented regulation of polluting industries or nuclear energy as two possible solutions to climate the counter consensus change.

Nevertheless, the positive effect of climate information or conversely, the negative effect of misinformation still plays a significant role in influencing climate literacy levels Bedford, The next section offers a brief history of misinformation about climate change and the psychological impact of misinformation.

What transformed a bipartisan issue into a highly charged, polarized public debate? A major contributor to this transformation has been the strategic use of misinformation by various political groups and actors.

The scientific consensus has been a focal point for the misinformation campaign. Opponents of climate action have manipulated public perception of the expert consensus for more than two decades through active campaigns to manufacture doubt.

In the early s, a climate the counter consensus fuel organization spent half a million dollars on a campaign to cast doubt on the consensus Oreskes, The public are further misinformed by the very nature of media coverage of climate change: In recent years, subsequent studies suggest that the mainstream U.

Climate: the counter consensus

Perceived Consensus as a Gateway Belief Why have opponents of climate action expended so much effort on casting doubt on the scientific consensus? The deliberation climate the counter consensus this strategy climate the counter consensus articulated in a memo from a political strategist, Frank Luntz, who advised Republican politicians that the way to lower public support for climate policies was to cast doubt on the consensus Luntz, Voters believe that there is no consensus about global warming in the scientific community.

Should the public come to believe that the scientific issues are settled, their views about global warming will change accordingly.


In the Carter reality, there are many other strange conclusions based on selecting some evidence and ignoring most. The rules of science have been replaced by non-science. In that world, there are large benefits from more carbon dioxide and no adverse impacts, no sea level rise nor increasing acidification of the ocean.

In the Carter reality, it is better to adapt to climate change as it occurs, rather than to act on the best scientific understanding. In the Carter reality, consensus is not needed around scientific understanding, yet he tries to establish that there climate the counter consensus a counter-consensus.

If you search the web, you can find several reviews of his book by non-scientists, who also inhabit the strange world of the Carter reality and accept everything he writes.