Unfilled CYCOLOY C PC-ABS blend has a Notched Izod Impact Strength at 73° F. (23° C.) of 10 ft-lb/in and an Instrumented Impact Total Energy of 45 ft-lb. , OR, Cycoloy CX, , NC/natural, 50, on stock. Produkt-Info , OR, Cycoloy C, , black/anthracite, , on request. Produkt-. Weight: 50 lbs and not 55 lbs. We strive to describe the item in detail and take multiple pictures, which can be enlarged. With this, we rarely have an issue with.


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Will not generate a charge.

Sabic Innovative Plastics CYCOLOY C Resin 50 lbs | eBay

Will not allow a charge to remain localized on part surface. Dissipating Will not allow a charge to remain localized on part surface. Can safely bleed cycoloy c6200 electric charge to ground.


Conductive Will not generate a charge. Can ground a charge quickly. Will shield parts from electromagnetic fields. Carbon fiber suppliers treat fiber surfaces to tailor the fibers for specific resin s. Typical surface treatments used include air oxidation, anodic oxidation and wet oxidation.

Binder is applied to these surface treated fibers and fibers are chopped. The cycoloy c6200 of the binder is to hold fiber bundles together during handling and feeding.

The binder is supposed to dissolve in the polymer matrix at high temperatures experienced during compounding performed in extruders.

CYCOLOY™ Resin C6200

Utilization of binders is described in U. While carbon fibers have been utilized cycoloy c6200 improve electrical properties in thermoplastic resins, such fibers also contribute significantly to the cost of the articles, and can be detrimental to the impact strength and processability of the thermoplastic resin when used for injection molding.

This problem is particularly cycoloy c6200 in blends of polycarbonate PC and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer ABS. Such blends offer outstanding balance of mechanical properties, heat resistance, flow and cost.

PC-ABS blends are often formulated with carbon fibers to impart high modulus and static dissipative properties.

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Due to the ease of processing and high flow, carbon fiber-filled PC-ABS compounds can be used to fill thin wall sections and complex parts in injection molding processes. Improvement in impact strength of carbon fiber-filled PC-ABS compositions, without affecting the modulus, static dissipative characteristics and cost would therefore be cycoloy c6200 useful.

In the composition of the invention, the carbon fibers are associated into bundles with a polyamide terpolymer binder.


Such articles include, but are not limited to electronic cycoloy c6200, dust handling equipment and notebook computer enclosures. The bundles are dispersed within the polymer blend.

Tradenames Overview

The composition of the PC-ABS blend may be varied to achieve desired properties in the final material. The ABS component may be an acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene terpolymer or a blend of styrene-butadiene rubber and styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer.

Examples of carbon fibers which may be suitably employed in the composition of the invention include those sold under the following tradenames: Such binder-treated fibers can be produced by a conventional carbon fiber manufacturing process. Continuous filament carbon fibers are produced by pyrolyzing, or decomposing by heating, carbon-containing fibers such as rayon, polyacrylonitrile and petroleum pitch.

The carbon fibers retain the physical shape and surface texture of the cycoloy c6200 fibers from which they are made. After carbonization, the fibers are surface treated. Then, the binder is applied on the fiber surface, after which the fibers are chopped to produce chopped products.


In the binder application process, continuous fiber bundles are pulled in a wet bath to coat the fibers with a desired amount of binder. The amount of binder is suitably from 0. Chopped cycoloy c6200 can be produced by either of two major processes. In the first process, dried-forming packages are used as the source.