Caesarean Sections in Cats – Post Operative Instructions. A caesarean section or c-section is major surgery performed to remove kittens from the uterus. This is. A cat's delivery is a moment of joy and excitement, because soon a few playful that make labor more difficult than usual are know as dystocia. Dystocia in Dogs and Cats. BASIC INFORMATION. Description. Dystocia is the inability to initiate the act of labor or the deliv- ery of pups or kittens at the end of a.


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On the other hand, it is positive to have an emergency veterinary phone in hand if you need their services for delivery in the case that something does not go well. My cat dystocia in cats give birth, why?

Cat birth – when to wait and when to worry | International Cat Care

When a cat has problems when giving birth, or a kitten is stuck in the birth canal, it is often due to dystocia in cats of the following problems that can occur during a cat's delivery, which need to be resolved with the help of a veterinarian.

Dead kittens To be able to trigger labor, the kittens must be alive. If this is not the case, childbirth does not occur and it is necessary to resort to drugs and, if these do not work something that is quite likelythe cat will need a c-section.

This should obviously be performed by a veterinarian, so take your cat to the closest clinic.

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Dystocia The complications that make complications that make labor more difficult than usual are know as dystocia. In cats, which hold several small-sized offspring, they are less frequent that in other animals, which tend to give birth to a single larger dystocia in cats such as cows or sheep.


However, dystocia may still appear, so, if after detecting the signs that labor is about to occur, a long period of time has gone by without the cat giving birth to any of her dystocia in cats, we will have to visit a veterinarian, who will try to re-place the kittens and, if it is not possible, he or she will perform a c-section.

It is not recommended to administer oxytocin, a hormone that promotes the expulsion of the contents of the uterus in the cat, without being sure that the position of the kittens is correct.

If not, the uterus will contract trying to expel the kittens and, if this is not possible because one is stuck, the organ can rip apart due to the strength applied.


Indiscriminate administration of oxytocin is something that some breeders use and is a very serious mistake that can lead to very serious consequences for the mother. The cat would chew it through, providing a blunt crushing action to prevent bleeding; tearing it between the first two fingers and thumb does dystocia in cats the same thing.

The kitten should be supported and the cord held at the kitten end so that the risk of pulling on the kitten is minimised.

If gentle suction equipment is available this can be dystocia in cats by sucking debris out of the airway. This can also be achieved using a Jackson cat urinary catheter attached to a ml syringe.

Cat birth – when to wait and when to worry

One of the traditionally used methods involves swinging the kitten. To do this, place the kitten in the palm of the hand, its back towards dystocia in cats palm and neck between forefinger and third finger, its head protruding between the fingers.


Enclose the kitten in the fingers and, turning the hand palm downwards with the arm extended, give a very gentle swing; make quite sure first that you are not too near dystocia in cats table or other protruding edge dystocia in cats disaster will follow. The swing will have the effect of forcing fluids out of the air passages and a further wipe of nose and mouth will clear it away.

The swing will also serve to stimulate respiration. Take care; if performed too vigorously this method can result in brain haemorrhage. It comprises a stroking, rubbing movement with a clean towel.

4 Most Common Cat Birth Difficulties

Assuming that the kitten is by now showing regular breathing, this can be followed by a brisk general rub dry.

If the kitten is not is not breathing, some form of artificial respiration may be necessary. Mouth-to-mouth respiration can be useful, but only if very dystocia in cats carried out. There are several essential points to remember.