The East African Community (EAC) is an intergovernmental organization composed of six The customs union between Kenya and Uganda in , which Tanganyika .. On 1 July , Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki launched the East African Common Market Protocol, an expansion of the bloc's existing customs union. Jump to Part B - Establishment of the East African Community Customs Union - The Customs Union established under East African Community Customs  ‎Part A - Interpretation · ‎Part D - Trade liberalisation · ‎Part E - Trade related aspects. Treaty, the Partner States undertook to conclude such Protocols as may be necessary in "Customs Union" means the East African Community Customs Union.


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East African Community - Wikipedia

The Partner States shall co-operate in the detection and investigation of dumping, subsidies and sudden surge in imports and in the imposition of agreed measures to curb such practices.

Where there is evidence of any sudden surge in imports, or eac customs union protocol, or export of subsidised goods by a foreign country into any of the Partner States that threatens or distorts competition within the Community, the affected Partner State may request the Partner State in whose territory there is a sudden surge in imports, or goods are dumped or subsidised, to impose anti-dumping duties or countervailing duties or safeguard measures on such goods.

If the Partner State to which the request is made does not act within thirty days of notification of the request, the requesting Partner State shall report to the appropriate customs union authority eac customs union protocol shall take the necessary action.

Article 21 Competition 1.

  • Protocol on the Establishment of the East African Customs Union - The Faculty of Law

The Partner States shall prohibit any practice that adversely affects free trade including any agreement, undertaking or concerted practice which has as its objective or effect the prevention, restriction or distortion of competition within the Community.

The provision of paragraph 1 of this Article shall not apply eac customs union protocol the case of: The implementation of this Article shall be in accordance with the East African Community competition policy and law. Article 22 Restrictions and prohibitions to trade 1.

A Partner State may, after giving notice to the Secretary General of her intention to do so, introduce or continue to execute restrictions or prohibitions affecting: A Partner State shall not exercise the right to introduce eac customs union protocol continue to execute the restrictions or prohibitions conferred by this Article in order to restrict the free movement of goods within the Community.

Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 10 1 of this Protocol, the Partner States agree to specify in the customs law of the Community goods to be restricted and prohibited from trade.

Protocol on the Establishment of the East African Customs Union

Article 23 Re-exportation of goods 1. The Partner States shall ensure that re-exports shall be exempt from payment of import or export duties in accordance with the customs law of the Community. Paragraph 1 of this Article shall not preclude the levying of normal administrative and service eac customs union protocol applicable to the import or export of similar goods in accordance with eac customs union protocol national laws and regulations of the Partner States.

For purposes of this Protocol, there is hereby established an East African Community Committee on Trade Remedies hereinafter referred to as "the Committee" to handle any matters pertaining to: Each Partner State shall notify the Committee, of the investigating authority within its territory designated to initiate and conduct investigations on behalf of the Committee.

The functions of the Committee shall be to: Eac customs union protocol as otherwise provided under the East African Community Customs Union Dispute Settlement Mechanism Regulations, or under any other regulation under this Protocol, the decisions of the Committee with respect to the settlement of disputes shall be final.

The Committee shall determine its own procedure. Part F - Export promotion schemes Article 25 Principles of export promotion schemes 1.

EAC Customs Union Protocol | State Department For Trade

The Partner States agree to support export promotion schemes in the Community for the purposes of accelerating development, promoting and facilitating export oriented investments, producing export competitive goods, developing an enabling environment for export promotion schemes and attracting foreign direct investment.

Eac customs union protocol sale of goods in the customs territory shall be subject to authorisation by a competent authority and such sale shall be limited to 20 per centum eac customs union protocol the annual production of a company.

Article 26 Duty drawback schemes 1.


There are signs of a business culture oriented to making profits through economics of scale and not on protectionism. Trade negotiations[ edit ] The Eac customs union protocol negotiates with trade partners on behalf of all member countries.

EAC Customs Union Protocol

This caused tensions between Kenya and other countries as Kenya, which is not a Least Developed Countrystood to eac customs union protocol most from the failure to reach agreement.

Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

February EAC heads in From left to right: Eac customs union protocol rules and delays continue to make trade between Kenya and Tanzania expensive and difficult. These cards will identify the holder as a dual citizen of their home country and of "East Africa".