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This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Coastal risks are increasing from both development and climate change.

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Interest is growing in the protective role that coastal nature-based measures or green infrastructuresuch as reefs and wetlands, can play in adapting to these risks. However, a lack of quantitative information on their relative costs and benefits is one principal factor limiting their use more broadly.

Here, we apply a quantitative risk assessment framework to assess coastal flood risk from climate change and economic exposure growth across the United States Gulf of Mexico coast to compare the cost effectiveness of different adaptation measures. These include nature-based e.

We first find that coastal development will be a critical driver of risk, particularly for major disasters, but climate change will cause more recurrent losses through changes in storms and relative sea level rise.

Wetland and oyster reef restoration are found to be particularly cost-effective. This study demonstrates that the ebook ther meliane effectiveness of nature-based, grey and policy measures can be compared quantitatively with one another, and that the cost effectiveness of adaptation becomes more attractive as climate change and coastal development intensifies in the future.

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It also shows that investments in nature-based adaptation could meet multiple objectives for environmental restoration, adaptation and flood risk reduction. Introduction Ebook ther meliane hazards in coastal zones pose high and increasing risks to people, property and habitats [ 1 ].

The combined influence of coastal storms, rising sea levels, urban development, population growth and land subsidence are increasing flood risk in coastal areas worldwide [ 2 — 7 ].

As sea level rises, tropical cyclones will pose a greater risk of extreme flooding and are ebook ther meliane to inflict the greatest ebook ther meliane on highly populated shorelines [ 4 ]. In the United States USclimate change and the rise in sea-levels will impact many economic sectors [ 9 ], threaten people [ 10 ] and loss of historic and prehistoric archaeological sites and many other cultural assets [ 11 ].


Globally, it is projected that coastal growth in population and ebook ther meliane will outpace progress in risk reduction [ 12 ]. The need to upgrade existing flood protection and to plan for future coastal risks is becoming increasingly apparent, but the costs may be daunting [ 13 — 15 ].

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However, effective adaptation requires understanding the different drivers of risk from an economic perspective, including coastal development and the impacts of climate change [ 1617 ]. Countries are undertaking big investments to address current and future flood risks.

Many USA states and federal agencies e. Meanwhile, coastal habitats that provide an important first line of defense continue to be lost, thus further exposing people and property to coastal hazards [ ebook ther meliane22 ].

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Nature-based, green or natural infrastructure is emerging as a cost-effective option to reduce the impacts of storm surge and waves [ 23 ]. Nature-based measures use natural features of ecosystems for coastal protection e.

A growing body of knowledge and experience supports their effectiveness for coastal defense [ 23 — 26 ]. Kleinian technique In her technique Klein stresses Freud's concept of transference, meaning the conscious but also unconscious expression of past and present experiences, relationships, thoughts, ebook ther meliane and feelings, both positive and negative, in relation to the analyst.

Oedipus complex Klein, like Freud, sees the Oedipus complex as central, but modifies and extends his ideas in her new conceptions of an earlier Oedipus situation. She postulates infantile preconception with an exciting and terrifying parental couple, phantasied first as a 'combined figure': Phantasies about the maternal body link to Klein's new understandings of primary femininity and both the male and female Oedipus complexes.