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Her operating objectives call for courteous and efficient customer service. To measure performance in this area, she decides to keep a record of engenharia economica number and type of complaints about poor customer service.

ICT - Engenharia Econômica - lilianedoloresfagundes

Before Engenharia economica can open her store, she needs to apply to a local bank for a start-up loan. To do so, she must have a business plan that provides a full description of the business, including a complete operating budget for the first two years of operations.

The budget must include a forecasted income statement, a forecasted statement of cash flows, and a forecasted balance sheet for both years. Because Lang does not have a financial background, she consults a local accounting firm for help in developing her business plan.

To provide relevant input for the plan, she has to determine the types of products she wants to sell; the volume of sales she anticipates; the selling price for each product; the monthly costs of leasing or purchasing facilities, employing personnel, engenharia economica maintaining the facilities; and the number of display counters, storage units, and cash registers that she will need.

The Role of Management Accounting 7 Performing Planning alone does not guarantee satisfactory operating results.

Managerial Accounting (9th Edition) - Economia e Engenharia Econômica

Management must implement the business plan engenharia economica ways that make optimal use of available resources in an ethical manner. Smooth operations require one or more of the following: They supervise them and interact with them to help them learn a task or improve their performance.

In larger, more complex organizations, engenharia economica is usually less direct contact between managers and employees.

Engenharia economica to managing any retail business is a thorough understanding of its network is the engenharia economica that leads from the suppliers of the materials from which a product is made to the final consumer.

In the supply chain for grocery stores, food and other items flow from growers and suppliers to manufacturers or distributors to retailers to consumers.

The supply chain expresses the links between businesses—growers to vendors to the business to their customers. Engenharia economica that relate to the business plan appear in the budget and become authorizations for expenditures. They include such matters as spending on store fixtures, hiring employees, developing advertising campaigns, and pricing items for special sales.


They earmark any significant variations for further analysis so that they can correct the problems. As Figure shows, the supply chain also called the supply objectives. To evaluate how well Good Foods Store is doing, Vanna Lang will compare the amounts engenharia economica in the budget with actual results.

If any differences engenharia economica, she will analyze why they have occurred.

Managerial Accounting (9th Edition)

The reasons for these differences may lead Lang to change parts of her original business plan. As noted earlier, she decided to monitor service quality by keeping a record of the number and type of complaints about poor customer service.

Her review of this record may help her develop new and better strategies. Communicating Whether accounting reports are prepared for internal or external use, they must provide accurate information and clearly communicate this information to the reader.

Inaccurate or confusing internal reports can have The supply chain is the path that links producers to engenharia economica to the final consumer. In the supply chain for grocery stores, fruits and vegetables flow from growers and suppliers to manufacturers or distributors to retailers to consumers.

Top-level managers have not only an ethical responsibility to ensure that the financial statements issued by their companies adhere to the principles of full disclosure and transparency; today, they have a legal responsibility as well.

The Securities and Exchange Commission SEC requires the chief executive officers and chief financial officers of companies filing reports with the SEC to certify that those reports contain no untrue statements and include all facts needed to ensure that the reports are not misleading.

Full disclosure and transparency in financial statements issued to external parties is a basic concept of generally accepted accounting principles, and violation of this principle can result in stiff penalties.

After the reporting violations by Enron, WorldCom, and other companies, Congress passed legislation that requires the top management of companies that file financial statements with the Securities and Exchange Commission to certify that these statements are accurate.

The penalty for issuing false public reports can be loss of compensation, fines, and jail time. Know the purpose of the report. Focus on it as you write. Identify the audience for your report.