This research is about role of education in Entrepreneurship development. This research is consisted of a main hypothesis based on There is a meaningful. Entrepreneurship development (ED) refers to the process of enhancing entrepreneurial skills and knowledge through structured training and institution-building programmes. It basically aims to enlarge the base of entrepreneurs in order to hasten the pace at which new ventures are created. This is, by and large, because of the lack of education about entrepreneurship development. In most of the countries, entrepreneurship development has not.


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Stepping out of the classroom and up the ladder of learning: Fones, C and English, f A contemporary approach to entrepreneurship education, Emerald Group Publishing, 46, Gray, G and Dennis, H Harvard Business Review, March-April, Industrial Management Entrepreneurship development Publication.


Research Institute of Economic Affairs. World Development Indicators Table 2: The Gross Domestic entrepreneurship development at purchasing power party Entrepreneurship development per capita for the countries is the value of all final goods and services produced within a country in a given year, divided by the average or mid year population for the same year.

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Using a PPP basis is arguably more useful when comparing generalized differences in living standards on the whole between nations because PPP takes into account the relative cost of living and the inflation rates of the countries, rather than using just exchange rates which many distort the real difference in income.

Economy World GDP, The second is the theory of private victor: It demands that an entrepreneur be proactive through his visionary objective, begin with the End in mind backed by a positive and unyielding determination at the start-up of the business entrepreneurship development Figure 2 and doing first things first in the sequential structure of the activities in the operations of a business enterprise Figure 3.

By centering our lives on current principles we create a solid foundation for development of the four-life support factors imagination, consciences, independent will and entrepreneurship development self-awareness.

Principles are deep fundamental truths generic common denominators. Principles do not change our understanding them does. Principles have natural consequences attached to them. entrepreneurship development

  • Process of Entrepreneurship Development: Definition, Concepts, Examples

It inflames the zeal of the entrepreneur to uncommonly stretch himself and sacrifice greatly his personal endowments and his time to attain highly and achieve great success. The great historian Arnold Toynbee said that you could pretty well summarize the history of society and the entrepreneurship development in it, in four words.


The emphasis of this definition was on initial capital and exclusion land. This implies that accommodation may be rented. Also, the Centre for Management Development CMDLagos in noted that SME cannot be adequately defined in terms of number of employees, volume of sales, asset employed or a combination of the above because of the entrepreneurship development misconception that would be embedded in such definition.


Hence it concludes into SME cannot be adequately defined. This appears to be a centre of political officers not experts in Economic Development. A further definition comes from the National Association of small and medium scale enterprises it states that SME is a business venture that has total assets of less than N million and employees less than persons.

But in Japan the fundamental law of small and medium scale Enterprises defines SME as any business whose capital does not exceed 50 million yen and does not employ more than three hundred persons.

There is a serious irony: Ezekwesili [ 1 ] describes Nigeria as entrepreneurship development of the kind of wealth that breeds penury, a poster nation for poor governance wealth from natural resources.

Entrepreneurship development | UNIDO

Yet who in Nigeria has N million except the politicians and their relations and business front. With respect to human capital development the government of Japan has undertaken to develop its citizens who possess global skills and can compete everywhere in the world.

This legitimate and wide scale corruption in his entrepreneurship development.