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Meanwhile Jessup's life began to be plagued by what he called "strange coincidences.

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In he was found dead in his car from carbon monoxide poisoning and declared a suicide without the benefit of an autopsy. Many believe to this day that he was actually murdered, with Allende left roaming the country to escape the same fate.

The Office of Naval Research has created esperimento philadelphia number of form "response" letters over the years to handle public inquiries into the Philadelphia Experiment.

The latest version can be found at www.


Somewhat esperimento philadelphia by all the attention drawn to them by the activities of the now long gone officers, and having not been in existence at the time of the experiment, the ONR has had to handle the lion's share of public requests for clarification and information.

Until they had no trouble shrugging off accusations of cover-up with simple explanations esperimento philadelphia degaussing and misunderstandings about the word "invisible.


Echoing this position on "The Unexplained," as an official representative of the US. Reilly stated esperimento philadelphia, as far as he knew, the navy never experimented with making ships invisible with magnetic fields.

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The navy has been long indirectly assisted in these apologetic efforts by the usual gaggle of disinforments. A writer from Pennsylvania who penned articles for pulp UFO magazines in the '70s, Goerman considered himself to be "a player," at least an also-ran amongst the galaxy of name UFO researchers of the time.

When the book, "The Philadelphia Experiment: Project Invisibility," by William Moore and Charles Berlitz esperimento philadelphia out inGoerman was motivated to do his own investigation but in a different direction.


Instead of checking into the new information and science that the book mentioned, he esperimento philadelphia onto Allende because of a quirk of fate - his parents were neighbors of the parents of Allende.

Goerman's daughter used to visit the Allens and it was just by chance that he discovered that they were in fact the family of the elusive Philadelphia Experiment "witness. They described Carl as "a leg puller," and someone who was very intelligent but lacked the discipline to achieve his full potential.

It was clear from the items that Goerman looked over that Carl would annotate everything. He was even quirkier and more eccentric esperimento philadelphia he had ever imagined.

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Armed with this new information, Goerman was convinced that he had the truth, especially after having conversations with Carl himself. Ignoring all other available information, Goerman wrote "Alias: Carlos Allende" and it was published in "Fate" magazine innow archived on the internet at www.

esperimento philadelphia

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But Goerman's article was not well received by others in the UFO community. He has remained bitter esperimento philadelphia this, accusing those who ignore or disagree with his analysis as only being interested in "selling their books. I'm versed in psy-ops, surveillance, counter-surveillance, stings, esperimento philadelphia weapons.

I know how and can intervene in a felony in progress and execute arrest procedures until law enforcement arrives.

I've actually been involved in cases against pedophiles, esperimento philadelphia rouge psychic spy, Men In Black related activity, potential terrorism related to Y2K that threatens national security.

No cops or state police have complained so esperimento philadelphia.