Forgery is the process of making, adapting, or imitating objects, statistics, or documents with the intent to deceive for the sake of altering the public perception, or to earn profit by selling the forged item.‎Criminal law · ‎Documentary art · ‎In popular culture. If you painted a copy of the Mona Lisa and sold it to a museum, claiming it was the original, your painting could be called a forgery, and the crime you've. : the crime of falsely making or copying a document in order to deceive people.: something that is falsely made or copied in order to deceive people: something that is forged.


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Unfortunately, shortly after his release, he was back to selling fake works of art. Due to his isolated lifestyle, he was an easy target for Clifford Irving. Irving, forgery definition ordinary man, contacts publishing companies claiming that he had a letter signed by Hughes forgery definition him permission to write his biography.

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Irving boldly began writing it, believe that Hughes would never find out since he suffered from a metal disease, and never left his home. Irving was in for a shock two years later, however, as Hughes held a conference letting the world know that he did not know Irving and never gave him permission to write his biography.

Irving was arrested and spent 17 months in prison. Related Legal Terms and Issues Defendant — a person or entity accused of a crime, or an entity that is being taken to court in a civil case.

When individuals within Hofmann's ring of buyers raised doubts about the forgery definition of one of his later creations, Hofmann murdered one buyer and the spouse of another before their suspicions became public.

Hofmann was charged with murder and fraud. Prosecutors relied on Expert Testimony regarding the authenticity of the documents.

When the experts declared forgery definition the documents were worthless, Hofmann's attorneys offered to plea bargain on the counts of forgery and second-degree murder.

The prosecution agreed to negotiate the charges to avoid an embarrassing trial for the Mormon Church.

Hofmann pleaded guilty to murder. Most forgeries are less sensational than those in the Hitler diaries and Mormon Bible cases. Common forgery usually involves manufacturing or tampering with documents forgery definition economic gain. Duhaime's Criminal Law Dictionary Always looking up definitions?


Save time with our search provider modern browsers only If you find an error or omission in Duhaime's Law Dictionary, or if you have suggestion for a legal term, we'd love to hear from you! LAWimage The template you are linking forgery definition has no template configured yet.

The Sun She admitted theft and forgery at an earlier hearing at the city's crown court. The Sun He admitted fraud, theft and forgery earlier.


The Sun He admitted 19 theft and forgery charges. Times, Sunday Times He admitted fraud and forgery.

Definition of 'forgery'

Some of these artists produced prints depicting North America, despite many having never left Europe. For the movie, Welles intercut footage of Elmyr de Horyan art forger, and Forgery definition Irvingwho wrote an "authorized" autobiography of Howard Hughes that had been revealed to be a hoax.

While forgery is the ostensible subject of the film, it also concerns art, film making, storytelling and the creative process.