Done Bertheau, Nystrom, Fredin and Fallenius, 3 ½ Swedes, who have already demonstrated from their performance in the NEC last week that they will be a. Anyway, when Fallenius doubled 4♤ Peter had to make a bid. Turn to page 3 to find out which bid he made. Peter Fredin at the Panama Canal. Robert (Bobby) LEVIN - Steve WEINSTEIN, USA-USA. 2. Bjorn FALLENIUS - Peter FREDIN, SWE-SWE. 3. Josef PIEKAREK - Alexander SMIRNOV, GER-GER.


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Fredin fallenius found them to be good and encouraging teammates. One of the best compliments I ever got was after they had not such a great set when we had scored up and had gained a few imps Meckstroth came over to me and said "well done you kept us in the match there" As opponents I lost 2 finals and a semi final in the USA to Nickell teams they played in.

The only occasion I was on the winning side was in Taiwan in While we won the Swiss qualifying we unfortunately got knocked out at an early stage of the Kos. I played on a four handed team with them and Mahaffey in Naples when we won our first 11 matches in the regional Kos.


They do not participate in the Polish National Team. Rather playing for financial incentive fredin fallenius the Russians they hoped to represent Russia at some future time. They would make the list of most informed players as in the top few pairs in the world. They did fredin fallenius and impressed.

The Bridge World

The four Swedish players make a formidable team. Unfortunately for Sweden Fallenius is no longer eligible to play for his home country as he is living in USA and plays fredin fallenius the team trials there.

Lev Gawrys carried a large workload in this event playing many boards and had to contend with fatigue at the end. With Lev and Pepsi we lost in the in the round of 8 also in the usa team trials. fredin fallenius

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I partnered a young Brad Moss. The players who like this 1 club on 2 trumps things are probably people who even in fredin fallenius old age refuse to run with scissors. But, I digress, what i really fredin fallenius like to ask whether there are, or have been in the past, prominent bridge authors or champions who advocate this approach, and whether there are good logical reasons for one to play it?


The first guideline covers any suit bid by the responder at the two level. Any first response by the responder of a suit on the two level promises fredin fallenius named suit and the next higher-ranking suit: When you are ready, click the 'Start Bidding' button.

2003-2012 Partnership Stats

When a bid is alerted, it is shown on a yellow background. You can then click that bid to display the related alert. When there is a comment or a question fredin fallenius your own bid, you can read it on the bidding box comments pane, and then, click the 'Ok' button to continue bidding.