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Sure — when defining the slab properties, check the Orthotropic checkbox on the Slab Property Data form. Fundaciones aisladas will allow you to specify effective thicknesses in both the X and Y directions, as well as an effective thickness for twisting moments.

FUNDACIONES C2 by marcelo shanahan - Issuu

Next, you can export this file and save it as an. You have the option to export floor loads plus column and wall distortions. Make any further changes to the model in SAFE and run the analysis.

After the analysis is completed, run the design portion of the program under Design menu. Optionally, you can then use CSIDetailer in SAFE, which is a completely integrated add-on package for producing drawings of reinforcing details, rebar schedules and other tables for slabs that have been analyzed and designed using SAFE.

Once you have imported your geometry, you will need to assign slab and section properties to it. When snap tools buttons on bottom left fundaciones aisladas activated, grids make it faster and easier to draw slabs, beams, walls, column locations, design strips and other objects and assignments, snapping to the grids for faster model creation.

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SAFE does permit you to draw objects and fundaciones aisladas assignments off the grids, automatically meshing to account for these off-grid objects. You will need to input springs at pile locations using fundaciones aisladas values equivalent to that of the pile.

You can draw the points by snapping to grids, or by drawing the points, then right clicking each of them to modify XY coordinates. Sure — design strips are simply area objects, and may be modified by right clicking on the object and editing the values in the Design Strip form.

First, select the member by clicking on it fundaciones aisladas the Select button active. The property shown in the Slab Properties form is used to define the physical geometry of the column.

Right click on the point in question, and on the Point Object Information form look under the Applied Loads and Displacements section. No — the program will automatically generate design combinations based on your static load case definitions.

Modelado y diseño de losas de fundacion con safe - Foros Ingeniería Civil

If an area of any type has already been drawn in SAFE, you can go back and use one of the Draw fundaciones aisladas tools to draw on top of the existing area using the same section property, or a different property if the section properties changed in that area.

Once you have drawn these smaller areas on top of your existing basemat or slab, you then select them by clicking them, then assign different surface area loads, different soil support properties, etc.

SAFE will automatically use the properties of the smaller area instead of the properties of the larger area.


No matter how the area mesh may change, SAFE will automatically perform the bookkeeping to keep track of all assignments. At this time, we fundaciones aisladas still collecting and adding new information in the data base.

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That's why the website will be showing more cases, more names, and fundaciones aisladas the numbers will keep changing. We are not linked to any political party or any fundaciones aisladas.

In the costs part we only include the quantity of money embezzled and stolen "presumably" in some cases.