corrado malanga genesi 1 pdf corrado malanga genesi 2 pdf corrado malanga genesi della coscienza genesi corrado malanga download. Bibliografia e Sitografia 1. Alien Cicatrix I– Corrado Malanga; 2. Alien Cicatrix II – Corrado Malanga; 3. Cronologia Universale – Utet; 4. Genesi I– Corrado. Corrado Malanga Genesi 2. The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please check that your browser supports JavaScript and that it is enabled in the.


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Uomo secondo — Second genesi 1 corrado malanga The above picture represents the entire description of the Universe, as we know it today through the statements of the Soul components we interrogated.

Consciousness has always existed since it is eternal. But one day this is a meaningless time symbolism: And so Consciousness creates a mirror for itself. And the mirror is actually the virtual Universe, as we said and described in our previous works; so it looks at genesi 1 corrado malanga through the virtual Universe.

At this point, Consciousness decides that it must experience itself: We can say that it must know itself, touch itself and experience itself. In that moment Consciousness emanates, through an act of will, the desire to experience, and it decides to experience without any limitations.

This thought creates dualism right in that moment.

Corrado Malanga (Author of Genesi. Uomo, universo e mito)

Dualism is the fundamental expression of choice. In other words, if I decide I want to have an experience, I also decide that I can choose my experience.

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So, I understand the meaning of choosing and its relationship to the responsibility of choosing. Consciousness has always the opportunity to become aware, and the opportunity not to want to become aware.

This is an aspect in our Creation which produces a peculiar effect.

You can be anywhere in the Universe and you can always go up or down, to the right or to the left, high or low, and so on.

In that moment free will is born. The two Creators Genesi 1 corrado malanga is one; it is not dual and it is eternal.


It is, it has been, and it will be. Genesi 1 corrado malanga Consciousness cannot change itself, but only its awareness of being, which it acquires during its life experiences. Such experiences must be lived by something which is actually its virtual image.

Such image is created by Consciousness itself, and it is obviously dual. And so, by necessity, two Creators are created, genesi 1 corrado malanga each one of them is free to choose what to do. Because this Universe is created on a dual base.

The first Creator and its descent We wanted to abbreviate the name for the first Creator with C1 and we placed it on the right of the observer. This was an unconscious and genesi 1 corrado malanga choice. Such first Creator chose to create, in its turn, a perfect being through which he could experience.

GENESIS I by Dott. Corrado Malanga

We will call this being PM Primordial Man. PM has certain Primordial features. So, PM was created right away by the first Creator as an almost perfect being; he has a Soul and he is immortal also in his body.

Such genesi 1 corrado malanga cannot be taken literally, as if they were just historical texts, but they must be considered as myths: