Goalkeeper Catching Drills. The correct ready and hand position, catching techniques, and proper footwork could be the difference in a goal. The progressions are simple to follow and will ensure your goalkeeper improves their footwork, handling, concentration and overall game. Technique. The Session. Each goalkeeper must first learn the basic techniques of saving and handling the ball. To begin with players can work in pairs 5 to 10m. The W Technique is one of the most common techniques a goalkeeper will use to catch the ball. It is usually talked about as the method of.


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The hands-on goal keeping technique also require careful timing to ensure that no touched ball slips past the goal post.

  • JB Goalkeeping - Introduction
  • Goalkeeping Techniques – Basic | Football Knowledge
  • 5. Special techniques

Stay-Straight As a goal-keeping, body positioning is imperative to ensuring that on-coming shots are met with the desired posture. Staying straight serves two basic principles. One, it allows the goalkeeping techniques to leverage a clear sight of goalkeeping techniques ball. Secondly, it allows clear vision of any deflections that come with defensive errors.

Therefore, staying straight is a core competency required by players willing to get beyond basic saving skills. Weighed Down Manchester City goalkeeping techniques keeper Hart explains that the waist is a basic part of human body that might interfere with the success of the goal keeper.

Goalkeeper Catching Drills

He advises adding measured goalkeeping techniques on the leap and always being ready to counter oncoming shots. The weighed down technique ensures that the keeper can access very low shots.


As the England Goalkeeper, Hart has learned to stop goalkeeping techniques shots always called goalkeeping techniques kicks. Most England players are addicted to long shots that are undeniably hard to stop for normal or average goal keepers.

Lift Off A dropper shot is hard goalkeeping techniques stop. This is the target shot given that allows the goalkeeping techniques to fall like a curve inside the goal post. The curved shot sends the ball somewhere inaccessible by the keeper.

However, goalkeeping techniques lift-off technique can help you counter these goals. To lift off, you must be ready to jump at go.

Goalkeeping Techniques – Basic

Jumping involves curving your body on goalkeeping techniques waist and using the very tip of the middle finger to push the ball just above the upper goal post. Successful lift offs are achieved by practicing jumping hither and thither.


Learn how to jump on your toes to the highest height your posture allows. Narrowing the Angle Goalkeeping techniques do you make the goal post little?

Goalkeeper Footwork, Handling, and Catching Techniques | Keeperstop

What goalkeeping techniques do you use to squeeze the post and let it look impenetrable for players? Well, to narrow the angle, you have to position yourself uniquely. If a corner is being taken, chances are that the ball will land on the center for headers and direct shots.

Narrow the angle by talking to your defense people. To many coaches, though, soccer goalkeeping techniques and tactics are a mystery. This is especially true at younger age levels, where often coaches have not played much soccer at all, much less played keeper.

Even experienced field players and coaches may not have much experience with goalkeeping.

Special techniques - FIFA Grassroots

This site is designed to help soccer coaches coach their goalkeepers. It outlines and demonstrates basic soccer goalkeeping techniques and tactics, and also touches on the psychology of goalkeeping and provides a primer on goalkeeping equipment. Techniques and tactics will be goalkeeping techniques, along with pictures to clearly show the subject.

For some techniques, a movie is worth a thousand pictures, so look for the movie icon to indicate a video clip. You will need Quicktime to view some of these. There will also be coaching tips to help get the ideas across to players look for the symboland pointers to common mistakes goalkeeping techniques watch for look for.

These coaching points and mistakes will also be summarized at the bottom of each section. I hope this site will help soccer coaches be more effective in working with their goalkeepers and understanding the ins and outs of the position.