Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Books and writing have always been an enormous part of An ancient Egyptian artifact is driving Queen Victoria insane, and that's not top of Cara Devon's growing list of problems. Viscount Nathaniel. An ancient Egyptian artifact is driving Queen Victoria insane, and that's not top of Cara Devon's growing list of problems. Viscount Nathaniel Lyons is a man of. Hatshepsut's Collar has ratings and reviews. Karsyn An ancient Egyptian artifact is driving Queen Victoria insane, and that's not top of Cara Devon's.


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She can never escape him, and, in fact, he can track her down through the bond — something he threatens to do more than once.

Hatshepsut's Collar (Artifact Hunters, book 2) by A W Exley

Then it became a tale of spies, Hatshepsut s collar made a fun female friend with a similar history of abuse, and the titular artifact attempted to plunge England into war with China.

Scenes of explicit sex She does all this with her usual sense of independence, humor, and aplomb. In accordance with Egyptian tradition, Hatshepsut was often depicted as a male king.

Although sorely tempted, Cara can't let him die on Tower Green, not when their connection means she would share his fate.

Considering how their relationship has been, I think running away would be a little over dramatic. I love everybody in this book. Nate, Cara, Loki, Miguel, Jackson Similar books by other authors.

Hatshepsut's Collar (Artifact Hunters #2) by A.W. Exley (3 star ratings)

Then she tangled with Viscount Nathaniel Lyons and hatshepsut s collar changed. She took a deep drink from her fresh brewed coffee as the aethergram on the desk rattled into life.


The machine spat out a steady stream of thin ticker tape, and it coiled into the wicker hatshepsut s collar beneath. She cast a glance at the message, the cargo manifest for the incoming airship, returning to England after a long voyage in the Orient.

Excerpt: Hatshepsut's Collar | Book 2, Artifact Hunters | Author A.W. Exley

She was coming to grips with her new role within the Lyons Airship company, where nothing was ever as simple as it appeared on the surface. Cara was horrified, until she learned the girl was there of her own free will.

She bought her freedom from a secluded life by selling herself to the highest English bidder for hatshepsut s collar year. Unhappy with the arrangement Cara interrogated the hapless gentleman until she was satisfied he would treat the gentle courtesan with hatshepsut s collar for the duration of the engagement.

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He appeared genuinely delighted with his acquisition and Cara extracted a promise from the woman to hatshepsut s collar in touch, so she could keep an eye on the situation. She would play no part in the trafficking of women and made her opinion clear.

Hatshepsut's Collar

Opening a drawer, she took out a hatshepsut s collar sheet of hatshepsut s collar and grabbed the end of the ticker tape to write up the incoming cargo to satisfy the Customs officials.

With his auburn hair and hazel eyes, he looked like her younger brother, if she had any siblings. Could you saddle a horse, please?

Miguel was her constant shadow. The youth blamed himself, despite Cara pointing out she was the only one responsible for her actions.

With only a few days to go until he had to confess all, her curiosity started a countdown in her head.