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O ovo hermeto paschoal sheet music for Flute, Guitar, Bassoon download free in PDF or MIDI

I don't have much info about Moura; apparently he was a regular performer on the Radio Atlantica broadcast, hermeto pascoal ovo died in the s when he was only about fifty years old.

This was his only full album, although he also released about a dozen singles over the course of his career.


Fans of romantic balladeers such as Altemar Dutra or Ivon Curi would probably hermeto pascoal ovo this too. Also nice to hear what Hermeto was up to at the time. Drummer Airto Moreira is still apparently working with bassist Humberto Clayber on this album he is credited on several songsalthough Cesar Camargo Mariano, who had previously been in the band, has left for new ground.

Hermeto Pascoal also plays on here, one of the first of his and Airto's long period of productive, innovative collaborations. The album opens with "O Ovo," a brisk update of the turn-of-the-century choro sound popularized by PixinguinhaDunga and other Brazilian musical pioneers.

:: Fundação Joaquim Nabuco - MEC

The album gradually progresses into more modern, straightforward jazz material which isn't as much fun and even a Luiz Gonzaga forro tune.

The playing throughout is very rich, well recorded, and vastly superior to many of their more jittery jazz contemporaries, even dipping into a mellow Vince Guaraldi-style vibe. This isn't just a cool footnote into the early careers of several of Brazil's most important musicians, hermeto pascoal ovo also a very enjoyable, well-performed album.

Apparently they were assembled as part of a band that played a yearlong live gig at a factory that also liked to host live music events.


Pascoal contributed two compositions, and plays throughout; tropicalia producer Rogerio Duprat also apparently collaborated on a few tunes. There are some hermeto pascoal ovo undertones, particularly some unresolved minor chord action in downward scaled string arrangements, and I guess musically there's interesting stuff going on here, but it's more of a cerebral, jazz-lover's thing than an overt wowzer of an album.

Certainly for students of Brazilian jazz, this is a cool historical document; kind of easy on the ears as well!


Cool, creative, catchy post-bossa pop, with driving, baroquely-written instrumentation, subtle guitars and complex vocal arrangements. Hermeto Pascoal, Airto Moreira and a reconstituted edition of their famed Quarteo Novo back composer Edu Lobo on this fine, classic album; Aloysio Oliveira produced it hermeto pascoal ovo one of his later releases on the Elenco label.

Definitely worth checking out! Pascoal weaves these threads together with amazing skill It mght not be a record you'd want to have on at a beach party, but serious jazz fans will want to give it a whirl.

And for those with tamer tastes, it's much more accessible than what was to come later in hermeto pascoal ovo decade. This was the first album Pascoal recorded following a two-year sojourn to the United States, where he jammed with Miles Davis and the elite of the jazz fusion scene.

Hermeto Pascoal - O | Free Midi Download

The record caused a huge stir in Brazil when it came out because the disc was considered so "far out" that the military government placed a ban on it -- and Pascoal -- even though the record is all-instrumental!!

The offending track was a manically flatulent hermeto pascoal ovo jazz composition called "Sereiarei," in which Pascoal toots and squonks along with a flock of farm animals -- turkeys, ducks, geese, rabbits and swine -- in what is certainly one of the most challenging tunes of the fusion jazz era.

Guitarist Robertinho do Recife blazes away on noodly riffs, as avant-jazzster Hermeto Pascoal crafts an unusual, challenging soundscape, replete with Moog, keyboards and a large band behind him.

I found it hermeto pascoal ovo rather grating and annoying, but despite myself I was slowly drawn in to their web, as I gave the disc a second chance.

Quarteto Novo

Anyone interested in fusion music as an avant-garde artform, as opposed to a brand of muzak, might want to check this out. The instruments themselves -- the production sound and guitar hermeto pascoal ovo, etc.

It's not very pleasant or relaxing, but it is innovative and weird.