PDF | This paper aims to examine homeschooling an alternative education in Indonesia. At the present time a lot of popping educational institutions, began. Try to throw a question to many Indonesians about homeschool. And their reaction might be “What is homeschooling?” “Homeschooling is like a flexible. Keluarga Homeschool di Indonesia. Berikut links keluarga homeschool yang ada di Indonesia: ·


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Homeschooling international status and statistics

Under China's education laws children are required to enroll in the school system from age seven and attend for nine years. Homeschooling di indonesia Homeschooling in Hong Kong is not against the law.

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The EDB treats homeschooling on a case by case basis. However, many people in Hong Kong think that homeschooling is illegal in Hong Kong, so only a few people were taught at home. It is in fact, an open schooling system where students can learn homeschooling di indonesia and appear for examinations conducted by NIOS National Institute of Open Schooling.

4 Types of Homeschooling in Indonesia

Legal Homeschooling in Indonesia Indonesian: Pendidikan Rumah is regulated under National Education System under division of informal education. Since the Indonesia's National Education Department homeschooling di indonesia efforts in providing Training for Homeschooling Tutors and Learning Media [28] even though the existence of this community is still disputed by other Non Formal education operators.

Japan[ edit ] Status: Legal Under Japan's compulsory education system, an ordinary education of nine years is guaranteed for children between the ages of six and But there is no provision of the law directed at children themselves, stating that children must attend a school to get an education.


Most people usually just nod their heads but there is still a look of amusement in their eyes. Some of the moms I have talked with whose children are still very young express their concern over where to send their kids when they are of age.

Homeschooling di indonesia are not happy with the idea of the government school system for one reason or another.

Homeschooling Fun!: Keluarga Homeschool di Indonesia

So here are my experience, I want to share with other homeschooling di indonesia fellow, to let you know about how we, Indonesian homeschool family, live in our days of learning.

My son in his scouting activity 1.

homeschooling di indonesia With this condition, homeschoolers should drive to the nearest village if they need to do the nature walk. Math, foreign language, science, geography, writing… oh yeah they think you mastering those!

A Homeschooling Journey: From Indonesia | Homeschooling Teen

That will make sure you can homeschool your child 6. At a glance, kids from public schools may have better academics, and a better chance to continue to prestige public universities. But as mentioned, as the focus is simply on memorizing things not understanding concepts, the depth of their knowledge is so shallow, critical thinking, analytical, and practical skills are very much less compared to kids from international programs homeschooling di indonesia home schooled programs where it is less rigid.


On our first homeschool semester, we misunderstood about the homeschool world — as many people did in our country. We learned in a proper method, we also applied the appropriate system at home.

Homeschooling international status and statistics - Wikipedia

But the mistake was not about it! Try to throw a question to many Indonesians about homeschool. Indeed, homeschooling has been legalized in our national constitution about home education. This could be one of the reasons why there is an abundance of homeschool community — but compared to public school families, homeschooling families homeschooling di indonesia are a minor group.

Homeschooling in Indonesia has a tendency to be rare.


If not, parents only homeschool their children induced by their socialization and school marks problem. In fact, there are numerous foundations that have claimed themselves as homeschooling foundations.