This sampler contains one puzzle from each chapter of Java Puzzlers by working knowledge of Java can understand these puzzles, but many of them are. This lively book reveals oddities of the Java programming language through entertaining and thought-provoking programming puzzles." Following are the links. Java puzzles are great, they teach you the subtle features of the Java language, you can miss otherwise. In this post we recap Java 8 puzzlers.


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Java puzzlers From Developers Has working on the puzzlers helped some developers to confront other programming problems?

It caused him to go back to a library that he was working on and change the way a constant was defined.

The other day, I stumbled on a web page where the GCJ folks found a bug in their compiler using one of our java puzzlers Puzzle 45, "Exhausting Workout". And just yesterday, a coworker came to me with a bug java puzzlers turned out to be the same one in "Reflection Infection" Puzzle You've focused a lot on what you call the "traps, pitfalls, and corner cases" of the Java platform.

What did you learn?


The key insight is that nothing is perfect: Even the best programming languages have traps waiting to snare the hapless programmer.

But that doesn't mean the situation is hopeless. We came to realize that there are a few key principles underlying many traps and pitfalls. If you learn these principles and java puzzlers accordingly, you can avoid whole classes of problems.

For example, the puzzles in Chapter 8 "Classier Puzzles" all involve name reuse: If you keep name reuse to a minimum, you avoid many problems. One thing that surprised us was just how many traps and pitfalls are amenable to static analysis.

If java puzzlers run the puzzles in our book through Bill Pugh and David Hovemeyer's excellent FindBugs tool, it will spot many of the problems. Oh, and do yourself a favor, watch it in full!

Java Puzzlers: Traps, Pitfalls, and Corner Cases

The book is amazing. New functionality means new corner cases and new puzzles. Many of the puzzles in this session were created by Tagir Java puzzlerswho has incredible knowledge of the mucky interior of the JVM, the peculiarities of the Java language. He is also the author of the StreamEx library that expands the capabilities of the default Java 8 streams.

Java Puzzlers

The rules of the session were simple. Viktor and Baruch java puzzlers present a puzzle definition and a choice of answers, discussing what the code might do.

The audience would vote and java puzzlers someone would explain the answer. Additionally, we had some lively voting in our IRC channel: Puzzle 0 What would the code on the image above print?

Seeing Shouldn't Be Believing: Solving Java Puzzlers With Google's Joshua Bloch

Let me elaborate a bit, we have an ArrayList, we take a sublist, create a Stream from it, then add an element to the sublist we created the Stream from, and finally apply a System. At the first sight, everything is shiny, and should work like as expected and print all the ingredients, right?

But do you hear that thin voice java puzzlers doubt in your head saying: What do you think will be the output? All-in-all there are 95 different puzzlers across the book, and they range from the fairly common "if you thought about it a bit you'd figure it out" to the extremely obscure "unless you were a Java language designer you'd never have any hope of figuring this out".

The explanations also often include commentary to language designers ex: From an academic "curiosity" point of view the book is quite intriguing.

As a fairly experienced Java developer I found myself surprised with the vast majority of the puzzlers.