Nothing in Japanese literature prepares us for the stark, tension-filled, plot-driven realism of Natsuo Kirino's award-winning literary mystery Out. Does 'the queen of Japanese crime' cut it in English? Stephen Poole finds Natsuo Kirino's Out a grisly and preposterous affair. Kirino Natsuo. Amanda C. Seaman. After its publication in , Kirino Natsuo's novel OUT quickly elec- trified critics and readers in Japan and abroad.


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Out (novel) - Wikipedia

A series of careless mistakes and coincidences expose the group kirino natsuo out dangers they could not have foreseen. In what ways do their individual flaws and weaknesses contribute to their difficulties?

As a young man, Satake committed a crime so horrible that even his kirino natsuo out gang members were shocked [p. His personal reaction has shaped his life ever since, cutting him off from his own emotions and isolating him from other people.


There are two major secondary characters in Out: Anna, who loves Satake, and Kazuo, the Brazilian factory worker infatuated with Masako. Do they see something that the other characters, including Satake and Masako themselves, cannot see?

Why does Kirino present the kirino natsuo out confrontation between Masako and Satake from both their points of view?

Murder sushi wrote

What does this dual perspective reveal about the psychology of violence? Does the final scene offer satisfactory answers to the puzzle? So Out also becomes a cautionary kirino natsuo out of personal finance.

A moral tale, too: Kuniko, greedy and vain, eventually gets what's coming to her, while Yayoi is not punished for the disposal of a useless and abusive husband. The most sympathetic male character in the novel, indeed, is Satake himself, who stabs a woman to death while having sex with her in a gruesome flashback, but who also has "beautiful hands", so that's OK.

Out by Natsuo Kirino

This isn't a "whodunit" crime novel, nor a formulaic one. Kirino natsuo out is original literary crime that would not adapt well to any other setting but Japan - Tokyo in particular where the novel is set.

Having lived in the country for three years, I found myself living there again while reading this book: The weather for instance - hot and humid and wet in summer, the smell and the sweat, it all came back so clearly.

The attitudes, too, kirino natsuo out the urban landscape - rice fields in-between factories, run-down houses squished along allies, bicycles and umbrellas and the rubbish collection spots.

Similar authors to follow

One of kirino natsuo out wonderful things about this book is the way it is written. They aren't really friends, but there's a certain solidarity among them, arising in part from their dependence on each other at work.


They share the same overnight shift at a box-lunch factory, each having taken the job for a different reason. The shorter hours for the same money as any longer daytime work they kirino natsuo out get are the main draw, but some have other reasons too. Masako Katori is the strongest of the bunch.

Out Reader’s Guide

Disappointed by her inability to make it in the sexist man's world of office work, she's pretty much withdrawn to this job -- though she still has a lot of inner strength left. But her family has pretty much followed her example, each going their own way: Yoshie Azuma is kirino natsuo out her late 50s, her husband is dead but kirino natsuo out has to take care of her invalid mother-in-law.

Kuniko Jonouchi spends more money than she can earn, finding validation only in luxury-consumption -- which has left her deep in debt.


Finally, Yayoi Yamamoto has two small children kirino natsuo out a husband who has now gambled away all their money and brutalized her. All have poor relationships with the men in their lives or the burdens these have left behind -- a mother, kidsbut it's Yayoi who snaps, killing her husband.

Kenji becomes belligerent and starts assailing Satake, forcing him to kick Kenji down some stairs in kirino natsuo out club.