Andreas Moritz (January 27, - October 21, ) was a book-author, iridologist, vaccine opponent, and inventor of pseudo-medical. Yarrow crushed Content g. I hope to gain the wisdom passed down from individuals like Andreas forward them all run across who are willing hear. Andreas Moritz welcomes you to the Ener-Chi Wellness Center. Your trusted source of natural healing methods. Liver and Gallbladder Flush.


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Andreas Moritz

In OctoberAndreas leberreinigung moritz to the Leberreinigung moritz Realms. While many people consulted with Andreas on health and emotional issues, they were always moved and inspired by his wisdom. He ignored the fact that cancer is a disease affecting mostly elderly people.

Progress in medicine caused an increase in life expectancy.

Ener-Chi Wellness Center - Andreas Moritz

Together with progress in cancer detection, the increase in life expectancy led to an increase in cancer incidence. Fewer cases leberreinigung moritz infectious diseases and of death due to accidents brought about an increase in the percentage of cancer as a cause of death.

Moritz saw the origins of cancer in constant conflicts, guilt and shame, as they paralyzed basic body functions, and led to the growth of a cancerous tumor. Leberreinigung moritz of these alleged cancer-inducing factors would result in a complete healing of cancer, Moritz alleged.

According to Moritz, more people died because of therapeutic efforts than from their disease. These strange allegations without any proof are not backed by scientific literature and contradict solid scientific evidence of modern medicine.

A reduced concentration of bile salt in the bile, is leberreinigung moritz major cause of gallstones in the liver and gallbladder. Size of gallstones Gallstones, both the size of a pinhead Gallengries but also quite have the size of a golf ball.


They occur both in the, located in the liver bile ducts, as well as in leberreinigung moritz gallbladder. Gallensteine, leberreinigung moritz in the liver, are seldom recognized.

Most people, are not aware, that they have gallstones. In some cases, gallstones irritate the gallbladder wall and leads to inflammation, violent colic or infections can drag the further complications to be.

All disabilities the bile ducts in the liver and the gallbladder cause, that especially the liver can no longer fully perform their vital and complex tasks.

The supply of nutrients is limited, which all cells, the cardiovascular system and even nerve cells are affected in the brain. Conventional medicine denies the existence Standard clinical tests of medical leberreinigung moritz, cover virtually never the presence of gallstones in the liver.

It is also noteworthy, that, despite the overwhelming scientific evidence for the existence of stones in the liver, there are leberreinigung moritz physicians, who vehemently deny that this is at all possible.

Similar authors to follow

There are now countless studies, clearly demonstrate the difference between gallstones in the gallbladder and gallstones in the liver.

Studien, amongst other things: Another study, of a progressive research university "Johns Hopkins University" describes in your literature and on your website, exactly this type of gallstones in the liver.

The influence of the liver on the cardiovascular system Heart attacks are in many industrialized countries, the cause of death in the first place. A heart attack leberreinigung moritz occur suddenly and yet it is the final stage of an insidious disease that develops over years.

Liver cleansing and Gallbladder Flush by Andreas Moritz

Long before the heart stops working, the liver has a majority Their efficiency and vitality lost. The liver is indeed, the leberreinigung moritz important protector of the heart.

In a normal liver function, leberreinigung moritz venous blood, deoxygenated, consumed blood, thoroughly detoxified by the liver and purified. This alcohol is removed, for example, and there are, produced by microorganisms, toxins, neutralisiert.

After the blood was thoroughly cleaned, it is transported directly into the right ventricle and from there to the lungs.

In the lungs, then a gas exchange takes place, is ejected in which carbon dioxide and oxygen added. The enriched now oxygenated blood enters the left ventricle. With this cleanse, bloating, stomach distention and ongoing leberreinigung moritz problems appear to have abated significantly.