All that remains is New York, whose dons no longer believe the one-man army known as Mack Bolan even exists. They will soon find that he is very real—and. Justfreebooks - Get free ebooks. Search results for mack bolan. The Original Executioner: Mack Bolan Series of novels by Don Pendleton. Open Road Media published thirty-seven of the original books as ebooks, and the.


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For several years, especially over the last four years, I had given a lot of thought to bringing the original Executioner Series out as ebooks. I first planned to do them myself, knowing it would be a lot of work and time. I even designed a cover along mack bolan ebooks my cover designer, Judy Bullard, who has done my book covers for more than a decade.

Then along came Open Road Media who wanted to publish the complete series all at once. They had been mack bolan ebooks in doing the ebooks for some time.

Mack Bolan : line of fire.

Therefore, it was easy for me to say yes to their offer, and the family agreed. The covers are terrific and really bring attention to the books.

I'm glad mack bolan ebooks like the covers, Brian. We have had a good response to the design. Open Road Media decided they did not want to use my cover design and the editor had me discuss with Open Road cover designer, Mauricio Diaz, what Mack bolan ebooks hoped for in regards to a Brand Identity.


I also supplied Mauricio with city locations for each novel, which he used for the backgrounds. I'm delighted with his cover design and I believe they are branded well and are exactly what I was looking for. mack bolan ebooks

Satan's Sabbath

Will the new mack bolan ebooks include The Executioner's War Book? The Executioner's War Book is part of our licensing agreement with Open Road Media but I don't believe they are planning to publish it at this point. Is that included with the first book?


No, this is Don's original edition with the theme quotations that were missing in some later War Against the Mafia editions. Will we see paperback versions?

Perhaps an omnibus of the first three books? I would love to have print books mack bolan ebooks some point. We hope a publisher will come along with a good deal for print books.

Brian Drake At Large!: THE EXECUTIONER is Back!

Com websiteare you seeing a stronger level on interest in Bolan than before, or does it match the days when you depended on snail mail for reader feedback?

I think social media has given fans and the authors a mack bolan ebooks opportunity to express and share their interest in the series. I've had the donpendleton. Over the years with Don's website, I've received lots of fan emails and guestbook postings, but not the amount of snail mail that Don received in the early s and into the early s.

The interest has always been there, and now we're 45 years and 3 or 4 generations into it. I don't believe the Gold Eagle books have had the international exposure that the original books have had. The originals have been published worldwide in more than 30 foreign languages.


Don once said, and I'm paraphrasing here, that the main theme of the Bolan books was that something important is happening on earth, and we need to participate in our own way. The values associated with Bolan, the moral attitudes, the need for courage under pressure, and the general mack bolan ebooks message, are needed now more than ever, but how do such values find a place in a society that is increasingly nihilistic and seemingly adverse to such things?

Don Pendleton considered his Executioner mack bolan ebooks to be a study in the metaphysics of violence the reasons for it and the books have a subtle metaphysical theme to them.

Mack Bolan(Series) · OverDrive (Rakuten OverDrive): eBooks, audiobooks and videos for libraries

I've often said that I believe the popularity of Mack Bolan has to do with the essence of mack bolan ebooks true hero that Don created in Bolan. That essence appeals to both men and women, young and old.

We can learn this message of love and commitment and carry it into our own lives without the violence and bloodshed, and of course it is this wish that fuels the writing.