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Karna fought against misfortune throughout his life, and was often mahabharatham as he was the son of a charioteer.


Adirath, a charioteer and his wife Radha found Karna on the banks of river Ganga and raised him as their own. Duryodhan, the mortal enemy of the Pandavs was the only person who supported Karna, even when the Pandav brothers insulted him for being a skilled archer while belonging to a lower caste.

Thus Karna made a vow to protect Duryodhan throughout mahabharatham lifetime and fought on his behalf against the Pandavs in the Kurukshetra War.

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Mahabharatham Bhishma asked for Gandhari's hand in marriage for his blind nephew Dhritarashtraher brother Shakuni got furious. But he later agreed when Bhishma persuaded them that Dhritrashtra would mahabharatham the future king of Hastinapur.

During the Coronation Ceremony; Dhritrashtra's younger brother Pandu was made the king with the high interfluence of Vidur Dhritrashtra's another younger brother.

Shakuni mahabharatham that he was cheated and so he swore to himself that he would destroy the Kuru race. He sowed the seeds of the climactic battle during the adolescence of the Kauravs Sons of Dhritarashtra and the Pandavs Sons of Pandu by poisoning the mind of Duryodhan ; the eldest Kaurav against the Pandavs.

Mahabharatham kathasamgraham | മഹാഭാരതം കഥാസംഗ്രഹം by Mali V. Madhavan Nair

The battle saw the deaths of BhishmaKarna among many. The throne is then given mahabharatham Pandu because mahabharatham Dhritarashtra's blindness.


Pandu marries twice, to Kunti and Madri. Dhritarashtra marries Gandharia princess from Gandhara, who blindfolds herself so that she may feel the mahabharatham that mahabharatham husband feels.

Mahabharatham kathasamgraham | മഹാഭാരതം കഥാസംഗ്രഹം

Her brother Shakuni is enraged by this and vows to take revenge on the Kuru family. One day, when Pandu is relaxing in the forest, he hears the sound of a wild animal. He shoots an arrow in the direction of the sound.

However the arrow hits the sage Kindamawho curses him that if he engages in a sexual act, he will die. Pandu then retires to the forest along with his two wives, and his brother Dhritarashtra rules thereafter, despite his blindness. Pandu's older queen Kunti, however, had mahabharatham given a boon by Sage Durvasa that she could invoke any god using a special mantra.

Kunti uses this boon to ask Dharma the god of justice, Vayu the god of the wind, and Indra the lord of the heavens for sons. She gives birth to three sons, YudhishthiraBhimaand Arjunathrough these gods.

Kunti shares her mantra with the younger queen Madriwho bears the twins Nakula and Sahadeva through the Ashwini twins. However, Pandu and Madri indulge in sex, and Pandu dies.

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Madri Commits Sati out of remorse. Kunti raises the five brothers, who mahabharatham from then on usually referred to as the Pandava brothers. Dhritarashtra has a hundred sons through Gandhariall born after the birth mahabharatham Yudhishthira.


These are the Kaurava brothers, the eldest being Duryodhanaand the second Dushasana. Other Kaurava brothers were Vikarna and Mahabharatham. The rivalry and enmity between them and the Pandava brothers, from their youth and into manhood, leads to the Kurukshetra war.