An artery and a vein. penyempitan pembuluh nadi arteriovenous baikarteri dan vena; arteriovenous malformation (ar-tir ́ ́e-o-ve ́nusua-nas ́ ́tuo-. Figure 3: (a) A MRI image showing the arteri-venous malformation major vessel (vena cava and pulmonary artery) or another vascular. common intracranial vascular malformation as classified by McCormick in Deep venous thromboses treated with inferior vena ca- va filter placement and . anterior third ventricle caused by dilated veins from an arteri- ovenous malformation.


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It is a potentially life-threatening condition, as patients may present with profuse bleeding. Colour Doppler ultrasound US provides a non invasive method for initially diagnosing this rare condition and confirmation can be made using diagnostic angiography.

Conservative management or embolisation is a preferable method of treatment in order to avoid a hysterectomy in patients of child-bearing age.

This case report highlights our experience with a patient having this rare gynaecological condition in our medical center. Case Report A year-old woman was seen at our facility who presented with two episodes of heavy vaginal bleed that was separated with periods of moderate bleeding.

Three weeks earlier, she had delivered her third baby at full term through spontaneous vaginal delivery. The patient had a retained placenta that required manual removal.

Her obstetrics history was uneventful. The heart acts to pump blood through arteries and uptake the venous blood. As an AVM lacks the dampening effect of capillaries on the blood flow, the AVM can get progressively larger over time as the amount of blood flowing through it increases, forcing the heart to work harder to keep up with the extra blood flow.

It also causes the surrounding area to be deprived of the functions of the capillaries—removal of CO2 and delivery of nutrients to the cells. The resulting tangle of blood vessels, often called a nidus Latin for "nest"has no capillaries.

It can be malformation arteri vena fragile and prone to bleeding because of the abnormally direct connections between high-pressure arteries and low-pressure veins.

malformation arteri vena The resultant sign, audible via stethoscopeis a rhythmic, whooshing sound caused by excessively rapid blood flow through the arteries and veins.

It has been given the term "bruit", French for noise. On some occasions, a patient with a brain AVM may become aware of the noise, which can compromise hearing and interfere with sleep in addition to causing psychological distress.

Diagnosis[ edit ] An arterial venous malformation of the left kidney and a simple cyst of the right kidney An arterial venous malformation of the left kidney leading to aneurysmal dilatation of the left renal vein and inferior vena cava AVMs are diagnosed primarily by the following methods: Al Hashimi et malformation arteri vena.

Essential Medical Words Dictionary In English-Indonesian - Nam H Nguyen - Google Books

This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Abstract Congenital anomalies of the coronary arteries are relatively rare. Mostly asymptomatic, however, some can cause problems, as heart failure, myocardial ischemia, and ventricular arrhythmia, and are associated with risk of complications, such as endocarditis and coronary rupture or sudden death.

A case of a year-old man with complaints of tiredness, dyspnea, and palpitation due to coronary artery fistula is presented with a review of the literature. Case Report A year-old man consulted a cardiologist because of progressively increased tiredness, dyspnea, and palpitation during malformation arteri vena last year.

He had no complaints of angina. Physical examination revealed a slightly elevated jugular pressure, and a systolic murmur at the apex malformation arteri vena to the axilla.

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His electrocardiogram showed atrial fibrillation, normal axis, and a nonspecific interventricular conduction defect resembling incomplete malformation arteri vena bundle branch block. Chest X-ray was suggestive for cardiomegaly with atrial enlargement. Transthoracic echocardiogram confirmed left and right atrial enlargement, with preserved left ventricular function, moderate mitral valve incompetence, and severe tricuspid valve incompetence.


A blunted inspiratory collapse of the inferior caval vein indicated increased right atrial pressure. Coronary angiography revealed a large, tortuous fistula originating from the left aortic sinus and draining into the right atrium.

An aberrant circumflex artery originated from this fistula Figures 1 malformation arteri vena and 1 b. A second, but malformation arteri vena fistula originated from the right coronary and drained into the superior cava vein was also detected during angiography Figure 2.

Uterine Arteriovenous Malformation

Arteriovenous fistula originating from the right coronary artery and draining into the vena cava. Magnetic resonance imaging scan confirmed this large malformation Figure 3 a.

These findings were also confirmed during open heart surgery.