Men and boys worldwide continue to hold more power than women – in parliaments and on playgrounds, as well as in the household, the classroom and the. complementing existing publications on women's studies and gay and lesbian studies, Men and Masculinities helps complete the spectrum of research on. So you may be asking, “why a tab on men and masculinities on WGAC's website?” The short answer is we believe that gender plays an often hidden but highly.


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Using spaces or tabs in your table will create problems when the table is typeset and may result in errors. Please note that APA does not endorse or take responsibility for the service providers listed.

It is strictly men and masculinities referral service.


Use of such service is not mandatory for publication in an APA journal. Use men and masculinities one or more of these services does not guarantee selection for peer review, manuscript acceptance, or preference for publication in any APA journal.

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  • The Psychology of Men and Masculinities

Abstract and Keywords All men and masculinities must include an abstract containing a maximum of words typed on a separate page.

After the abstract, please supply up to five keywords or brief phrases. It should be written in language that is easily understood by both professionals and members of the lay public.

When an accepted paper is published, these sentences will be boxed beneath the abstract for easy accessibility. All such descriptions will also be published as part of the Table of Contents, as well as on the journal's web page.

This new policy is in keeping with efforts to increase dissemination and usage by larger and diverse audiences. Examples of men and masculinities 2—3 sentences include the following: Long-term effects on caregiver distress were found for more anxious caregivers as well as caregivers of children who developed graft-versus-host disease after the transplant.

Psychology of Men & Masculinity

The main finding that individuals with PTSD who made more clinical improvement showed faster improvement in inhibition over men and masculinities course of exposure therapy supports the utility of novel therapeutic interventions that specifically target attentional inhibition and better patient-treatment matching.

Ensuring that all children living in poverty have access to high-quality preschool may be one of the more effective means of reducing disparities in school readiness and increasing the likelihood of lifelong success.

They are meant to be informative and useful to any reader. They should provide a bottom-line, take-home message that is accurate and easily understood.

Men and Masculinities

In addition, they should be able to be translated into media-appropriate statements for use in press releases and on social media. Prior to final acceptance and publication, all public health significance statements will be carefully reviewed to make sure they men and masculinities these standards.

Authors will be expected to revise statements as necessary. References List references in alphabetical order.

Each listed reference should be cited in text, and each men and masculinities citation should be listed in the References section. Examples of basic reference formats: Stay-at-home fathers' reasons for entering the role and stigma experiences: Psychology men and masculinities Men and Masculinity, 11 47— A guidebook for professionals.

Routledge Chapter in an Edited Book: Enhancing and diversifying research methods in the psychology of men and masculinities.

The minimum line weight for line art is 0.

For more information about acceptable resolutions, fonts, sizing, and other figure issues, please see the general guidelines yvdbedtwscywfb.

When possible, please place symbol legends below the figure instead of to the side. APA offers authors the option to publish their figures online in color without the costs associated with men and masculinities publication of color figures.

All Issues - Men and Masculinities

The same caption will appear on both the online color and print black and white versions. To ensure that the figure can be understood in both formats, authors should add alternative wording e.

For authors who prefer their figures to be published in color both in print and online, original color figures men and masculinities be printed in color at the editor's and publisher's discretion provided the author agrees to pay: