The New English Translation is a free online English translation of the Bible, sponsored by the Biblical Studies Foundation (aka ). In November   What is the New English Bible (NEB)? The NET Bible®, a modern translation of the Bible based entirely on the original languages, has been updated and revised, and is now available as the First. The NET Bible is a completely new translation of the Bible with 60, translators' notes! It was completed by more than 25 scholars experts in the original.


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We don't want them to delay before authoring, sharing, and implementing the Great Commission of Matt Incentives should be offered to authors who are willing to share their works for free, even when they also sell books and new english translation bible versions of the same title for new english translation bible while authors who only offer their works for sale should pay customary royalties.

This encourages greater participation in the "ministry first" model. The best way to encourage ministry is to give people the tools they need and remove barriers which encumber their work.

Let us know how we can better serve your needs.


For the latest on "Ministry First" copyright innovations, visit www. Their countless observations have been a valuable addition to the NET BIBLE team's methodical editing of the translation during its year development.

What is the New English Translation (NET)?

The First Edition signifies the transition from development and beta testing to official release of the translation. The next set of upgrades and improvements is planned for release in During the initial year translation effort, the final 8 years were primarily new english translation bible editing and improving the translation of the biblical text.


Consequently, the translators' notes have new english translation bible been edited to the same degree as the biblical text itself.

The decision to produce for the first time large quantities of Bibles on Gutenberg's improved press in new english translation bible a revolution and provided a dramatic increase in the availability of Bibles and biblical study materials in many languages, but over five centuries later many people throughout the world cannot access Bibles and biblical study resources because of their high cost and because some governments attempt to prevent their citizens from ever encountering the Bible.

Organizations willing to share materials on the Internet will accomplish the Great Commission of Matthew The impact of a publishing ministry can increase by leaps and bounds because it is no longer limited by the number of copies of materials it can afford to print and give away.

The NET BIBLE was created to be the first major modern English translation available free on the Internet for download and use in Bible studies and other teaching materials so that the opportunities provided by the Internet could be maximized.

They can now work to create high quality biblical study materials confident in knowing that permission has been granted for works of ministry that will be offered for free to others.


We are pleased to be the first to do this, new english translation bible we hope many others will join with us in this effort to put ministry first. Bible readers are often not aware that every translation makes many interpretive decisions for them.

New English Translation - Wikipedia

One goal of the NET Bible project was to find a way to help the reader see the decisions and choices that went into the translation.

In fact, the nature of the Internet allows unlimited notes. These notes provide an extended dialogue between translator and reader about the alternatives for translation, options for interpretation, and finer nuances which are usually lost in translation. After the drafts and first rounds of editing were completed, we discovered that the thousands of notes we had accumulated could be made to fit on the printed page in addition to the electronic format.

What you are now reading, on printed paper or on a digital screen is the First Edition of the NET Bible complete with all the translators' notes. Never before in the history of the Bible has a translation been published which includes explanatory notes from the translators and editors as to why the preferred translation was chosen and what the other alternatives are.

Students of the Bible, future Bible translators,1 and biblical scholars will all benefit from these unparalleled translators' notes. Many times the translator will have made informed decisions based on facts about grammatical, lexical, historical, and textual data not readily available to English-speaking students of the Bible.

This information is now easily accessible through the translators' notes. In short, the NET Bible that you now hold is different from all the New english translation bible translations that have come before it.

New English Translation (NET) - Version Information -

It represents a truly new departure in the way Bible translations are presented to the general public.

With a translation as revolutionary as the NET Bible, you no doubt have some additional questions. Countless readers contacted us with suggestions about the translation and notes, and these have helped us improve the NET Bible in thousands of places.

The NET New english translation bible was the first translation to be published in electronic form on the Internet before being published in traditional print media.


That process will continue even after this release of the First Edition. Editorial focus will now be shifted primarily toward the notes. We invite feedback from everyone to help us make the NET Bible even better go to our online comments database at www.