THE REVISED EDITION: After eleven printings of Newspaper Magic, the proprietors of Magic, Inc. (Jay Marshall's son Sandy and his wife Susan), decided to. Newspaper Magic: The definition of today's magic shop is that we bring you the latest, coolest new magic. But Vanishing Inc. is more than that. We want to help. The ripped newspaper trick is a simple trick that requires no elaborate sound effects or hidden pockets on your sleeves. However, this magic.


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Once finished newspaper magic how the newspaper is ripped up, mash into a ball and squeeze together in your hands until compact and small.

Hold up the mashed ball of newspaper again to the audience.

Newspaper Magic ($) - Gene Anderson - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Close your hands again and squeeze the newspaper inside, moving the restored newspaper against your palm. Begin unfolding the restored newspaper by holding the mashed ripped newspaper against your palm and slowly unfolding each part of newspaper magic newspaper.


Hold up the newspaper and turn around the same as you newspaper magic before, carefully concealing the newspaper magic pieces against your four fingers. Now grab any other sheet from the same newspaper spread and the 4 page numbers on that sheet will also add up to This is true for all the pages in that particular newspaper.

Newspaper Magic Tricks

Every newspaper will be a different newspaper magic but it will be the same number for that particular newspaper. So once you know your special number — which you find out in advance — you are ready to do an impromptu magic miracle. Find an audience just someone in your family will do fine and them to pull out any page from the paper — promise there will be no peeking by you — and then add newspaper magic the page numbers.

Doug was always very generous with his credits: We were seated side-by-side at the opening night performance on Broadway, and we went to the gala opening night party which followed.

Newspaper Magic has now been in print for fifty years, but its content is timeless. In fact, other than my own efforts which are now in The Bookvery little has been created in the newspaper magic magic field since then. Newspaper Magic is truly the encyclopedia of newspaper magic.

How to Do the Ripping Newspaper Magic Trick | Our Pastimes

It contains more than enough material to develop another different newspaper act that would use newspaper magic of the effects from my own newspaper act. Here's a whole book of tricks to be done with your daily paper-some created especially for this book, some gathered from around the world, and some included for completeness sake.

This book contains Gene Anderson's prize-winning routine, "Extra! Along with it, you get to learn Gene's well-known handling of the Torn and Restored Newspaper effect, plus a selection of tricks by Val Andrews, Eric Hawkesworth, Martin Gardner and more.