No. If you know JavaScript, you can use that on both the server (with ) and the client, with decent code-reuse between the two to boot. While a lot of  Is it best to switch to from PHP? Chapter 1. Basics Let's assume you have a significant PHP codebase that you have decided to convert to You will provide both the PHP and. My Favorite Books. Contribute to thinkphp/nodejs-books development by creating an account on GitHub.


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You will be able to write both frontend and backend code with just one language.

for PHP Developers - O'Reilly Media

Many popular client-side frameworks such as React, Vue, and Angular are written in JavaScript which is the main language of modern browsers. Having the same language both on the front and back end is excellent for maintainability: It makes the work between all team members easier for node js for php developers application because both frontend and backend developers work with the same JavaScript data structures, functions, and language conventions.

The single-threaded event driven system is really fast when handling lots of requests at once from clients. There are ever-growing 3rd party libraries and packages accessible through NPM for node js for php developers client and server-side, as well as command-line tools for web development.

Additionally, most of these are hosted on GitHub, where you can report an issue, or you can fork the code yourself to customize it.

for PHP Developers: Porting PHP to by Daniel Howard

It has become the standard environment in which to run Javascript related tools and other web node js for php developers related tools, including task runners, minifiers, linters, formatters, preprocessors, bundlers and analytics processors.

NPM packages mentioned above can bloat your code, can be insecure, and it is hard to find which packages are good since there are so many options Looking at downloads and GitHub stats is one way to fix this issue. Huge number of ways to build servers using Node. This makes it harder for new developers to pick up.

Getting Started with Node.js for the PHP Developer

Not ideal for servers that are dependent on heavy CPU consuming code i. Usually a multi-threaded server environment is a better option than Node. Node does not utilize all cores of an underlying system or machine.


You have to write logic by yourself to use multi core processors. This can be achieved in many ways but it requires a bit of extra work This becomes a pro when you node js for php developers able to maximize CPU usage of the system.

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This makes it extremely ideal for many of the applications currently on the internet like SPAs and real time applications. Developers can select the best architecture, design patterns, modules and features for their project while getting all the benefit from the community through NPM.

StrongLoop - Getting Started with for the PHP Developer

Strong and big community because of its age. PHP has a powerful codebase that includes popular platforms for building websites i. CMS Content Management Systems such node js for php developers WordPress, make it easy to deploy a blog or an e-commerce site in a matter of minutes and allow non-developers to customize them easily.

Numerous PHP applications i.

Node.js for PHP Developers

Unlike other general purpose programming languages, PHP was designed specifically for the Web. PHP offers a great server side solution where there is no need to bother with JavaScript in the browser since all pages can be easily generated and rendered on the server.

This is useful if you want to avoid shipping too much code on the client side. PHP is only used on the back end. This means node js for php developers still need to learn Javascript if you want to work on the client side or be considered a full stack developer. You can think of these npm modules as library dependencies that may be satisfied with Composer if you are coming from PHP land.

Want to be a Web Developer? Learn Node.js not PHP

Given this, Node is perfect for applications where a near real-time experience node js for php developers desired. Getting started with a sample project For the remainder of this blog post, I am going to show you how to get up to speed with Node.

The sample application that we are going to write is a simple backend service that will provide the location of every Walmart store. I chose Walmart for this example because quite simply, it is the holy grail of all department stores.