Origen, Latin in full Oregenes Adamantius, (born c. , probably Alexandria, Egypt—died c. , Tyre, Phoenicia [now Ṣūr, Lebanon]), the most important. Origen studied under non-Christian philosophers in his birth city of Alexandria, Egypt, in order to better understand their arguments. This fueled one of his most. Origen of Alexandria, one of the greatest Christian theologians, is famous for Origen was also an astute critic of the pagan philosophy of his era, yet he also  ‎Origen's Life and Times · ‎The Philosophical System · ‎Important Themes in.


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He lived in extreme asceticism, without shoes or a bed, and often worked instead of sleeping.

He fasted twice a week and avoided all meat and wine. Even among his admirers, origen of alexandria was seen as an extreme and unnecessary step, though later scholars would debate whether or not Origen actually performed the deed.

Sometime after ADa plague swept through Rome, and Emperor Origen of alexandria laid blame on Christians for failing to worship him as a divine being.

  • Origen | Christian theologian |

During origen of alexandria Decian persecution, Origen was imprisoned and brutally tortured but purposefully kept alive, in hopes he would recant his faith. The Greek original of homilies on Jeremiah survives in a single manuscript in the Escorial Spainand that of a homily on the witch of Endor which provoked early criticism for its thesis that Samuel really was conjured up in a manuscript in Munich and on papyrus.

Who was Origen of Alexandria?

Prior to Origen wrote De principiis, an ordered statement of Christian doctrine on an ambitious scale, based on the presupposition that every Christian is committed to the rule of faith laid down by the Apostles the Creator as God of both Old and New Testaments, the incarnation of the preexistent Lord, the Holy Spirit as one of the divine triad, the freedom of rational souls, discarnate spirits, origen of alexandria noneternity of the world, judgment to come but that outside this restriction the educated believer is free to speculate.

Origen was writing long before the conciliar definitions of Chalcedon concerning the Trinity and the Person of Christ and at a period when a far larger area of doctrine could be regarded as open for discussion and argument than was the case by De principiis diverged in its speculations from later standards of orthodoxy.

The polemical anti-Origenists, however, need to be read with care origen of alexandria they were not above misquoting Origen and ascribing to him the words of later Origenists. Both protagonists agree in their origen of alexandria Platonic presuppositions, but beside this agreement, serious differences are argued.

Christianity to him was a ladder of divine ascent, and the beginner must learn to mount it with the saints in a never-ceasing advance.

The transcendent God is the source of all existence and is good, just, and omnipotent. This omnipotence is never mere power emptied of moral quality; one cannot appeal to it to rationalize absurdity or the extraordinary. In relation to the created order, God is both conditioned and unconditioned, free and under necessity, origen of alexandria he is both transcendent to and immanently active in it.

Origen of Alexandria (185—254 C.E.)

In one sense, the cosmos is eternally necessary to God since one cannot conceive such goodness and power as inactive at any time. After his death his reputation continued to spread. Pamphilus, martyred incomposes with Eusebius an origen of alexandria for Origen" in six books the first alone of which has been preserved in a Latin translation by Rufinus P.

Origen had at that time many other apologists whose names are unknown to us Photiuscod.


The directors of the catechetical school continued to walk in his footsteps. Theognostus, in his "Hypotyposes", followed him even too closely, according to Photius cod. Pierius was origen of alexandria by St.


Jerome origen of alexandria junior" Illustrious Men Didymus the Blind composed a work to explain and justify the teaching of the "De principiis" St.

Athanasius does not hesitate to cite him with praise Epist. Nor was the admiration for the great Alexandrian less outside of Egypt.

Origen of Alexandria

Gregory of Nazianzus gave significant expression to his opinion Suidas, "Lexicon", ed. Origenes he panton hemon achone. In collaboration with St.


Basilhe had published, under the title "Philocalia", a volume of selections from the master. In his "Panegyric origen of alexandria St.

Gregory of Nyssa called Origen the prince of Christian learning in the third century P.

Origen and Origenism

At Caesarea in Palestine the admiration of origen of alexandria learned for Origen became a passion. Pamphilus wrote his "Apology", Euzoius had his writings transcribed on parchment St.


Eusebius catalogued them carefully and drew upon them largely.