Carlos Giménez's graphic novel Paracuellos is an unflinching memoir of his time in the orphanages of Franco's Spain; it makes the experiences. Carlos Giménez (born 16 March ) is a Spanish comics artist. Biography[edit]. Giménez In Giménez began the autobiographical series Paracuellos for the magazine Muchas Gracias, as well as a series about the first years of. Paracuellos, Volume 1 has 97 ratings and 30 reviews. Greta said: Carlos Giménez's autobiographical comic series of stories about boys who were reared.


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So what makes this collection soooo good?

At first, making the panels so small was for space reasons. With very small panels I could tell a larger part of the story.

The Carlos Giménez Interview | The Comics Journal

Paracuellos carlos gimenez I kept this formula when I realized that the small panels left no room for backgrounds. Paracuellos carlos gimenez the only backgrounds I wanted were those that were essential to making the story easy to understand. In the first volume of Paracuellos you include dates, but in the second book, there are no dates.

At the time I did the best that I could. Besides the title, on each story I put the name of the school where the incident occurred and the date that it occurred.

The Carlos Giménez Interview

I tried to make it paracuellos carlos gimenez like a document. I even gave the characters concrete names and, since I had more paper, I abandoned the formula of two-page stories.

It was a relief. The adults are garish cartoons as they spout religion and political propaganda. Some of the kids are lucky enough to have family that occasionally can visit and bring food. The rest of the children are left to beg for scraps.

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Granted, there are moments of humor in this grim place. That would be one of the only ways to survive such a thing.

Todo Paracuellos by Carlos Giménez

The food, when not full of bugs, still wasn't appetizing or nutritious. In one story the boys go through the garbage for orange rinds or anything else semi-edible. A bully tattles on them, and a teacher punishes them by depriving them even more: Then there was the constant threat and reality of physical violence.

Paracuellos carlos gimenez teachers and matrons regularly hit the boys and even ordered them to fight one another. Harvey Kurtzman, better known as the founder of Mad Magazine, developed a series of well selling, mainstream comics about military conflicts across the ages.

In contrast to other war comics, these stories romanticized nothing, neither the suffering of the GIs nor their opponents, or the tragedy of civilians caught in the middle. They were fundamentally antiwar comics.


paracuellos carlos gimenez They were finished and printed in an old style, with aging German-American craftsmen in print shops adding the final touch to the original penciling and coloring, creating a kind of collective assembly line of popular culture in its day.