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Winning a round of Rathuum will award the players Judgement Points, which are used to unlock rewards and Rathuum nodes with higher level ranges. Winning a match can also reward a random ModFusion Core pack or Credit Cache depending on the tier of the node.

The first Rathuum node is unlocked from the start, and has a level range of Winning a presagios y grietas at this node rewards 1 Judgement Point.


The second Rathuum node requires at least 3 Judgement Points to unlock, and has a level range of Winning a match at this node rewards 10 judgement Points. The third Rathuum node requires at least 10 Judgement Points to unlock, and has a level range of Winning a match at this node rewards 25 judgement Points.

Once the player accumulates Judgement Points, an additional node will unlock where players must face off against Kela De Thaym in an Assassination mission, in order to liberate the defectors.

Take note that accessing this node spends 50 Judgement Points every time, so players who wish to acquire all of Kela's drops will have to get additional Judgement Presagios y grietas. Assassinating Kela De Thaym Kela De Thaym's Assassination mission is largely identical to a typical Assassination mission, where players must locate the room where she spawns and defeat her.

Once players reach Kela's boss room, they must activate a series of switches on the walls to fight her. There are four switches on each wall, and players must shoot the switches in order to progress to her presagios y grietas above.

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Each group of switches is protected by a metal disc, with an aperture big enough for one switch. The whole mechanism is connected to a presagios y grietas Override Switch that is activated when a player steps on it.

When the plate is activated the disc begins to spin clockwise, and players must shoot the switch that has turned green in order to access Kela's arena.

Be warned however, as the area is crawling with Armored Rollers that can stagger players off the pressure plates, impeding their progress. The number of switch groups is tied to how many players are there in the Cell ; if there is only presagios y grietas player, then only one switch group must be interacted with, and so on.


When all the necessary switch groups have been interacted with, the platform in the center of the room lifts, transporting players to Kela's arena.

After presagios y grietas cutscene, Kela jumps into the arena and battles the players.

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Kela is incredibly agile, jumping from platform to platform and even grappling on the upper edges of the arena. Kela can summon Armored Rollers, and can launch a salvo presagios y grietas grenades or missiles, laying waste to a large area.

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Once her health dips below certain points, Kela retreats to a nearby balcony, and the arena is bombarded via orbital strike every few seconds.

In order to halt the orbital strike and lure Kela back into the arena, players must shoot switch groups similar to the ones below the arena, complete with Armored Rollers to presagios y grietas players.

Unlike the switch groups below, players must deal with all four switch groups regardless of player count, and they must shoot each switch in order uninterrupted.

Macabro Presagio | Caverno

Every successful shot causes the disc to spin faster as well, and players only have a limited window of time before the orbital strike begins again. Salinas's exploration of this theme is best understood in the context of other modern literary evocations of epiphanic moments.

Such literary phenomena as William Wordsworth's presagios y grietas of time" and James Joyce's "epiphanies" are among the precursors of Salinas's moments of eternity, as are moments of timelessness in works by Marcel Proust and the French Symbolist poets. Salinas's reception of the Symbolists was direct, but also refracted through his reading of the Latin American modernistas, especially Ruben Dario.

In his well-known commentary on Dario, Salinas connects the perception of woman with a visionary moment of extraordinary lucidity, a connection found in his own works.