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Rekomendasi penelitian ini ditujukan kepada konselor, wali kelas dan peneliti selanjutnya.

Services proper guidance to help students develop career competence is a career guidance services. Pendekatan penelitian menggunakan pendekatan kuantitatif dengan metode deskriptif.

Instrumen yang digunakan berupa instrumen non tes berbentuk angket dengan skala Likert. Developmental theories, on the other hand, focus on lifelong learning and human development.

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Chen divided CD theories into objectivist- positivistic and constructivist approaches. Because precise categorization of CD theories into these dualistic domains is cumbersome, we have divided 19 core CD theories into two satlan bk karir categories general and specific.

The first category deals with general CD theories see Table 1 that include broad social science theories and perspectives framed in CD-related contexts. The second category relates CD- specific theories that have been most often devised by individual CD scholars.

Identification of these two categories and related theories involved not only the authors but also input from five advanced satlan bk karir, each with 15 or more years of experience as university professors specializing in CD.

These experts were asked to review a list of CD theories frequently cited in the literature to make recommendations or additions as core theories in CD.

As a result of this expert feedback, several theories were added to those initially identified. The theories listed in Table 1 are limited to those identified by the researchers and experts satlan bk karir foundational or core theories associated with CD.

Satuan Layanan Bimbingan Karir SMA (Kelompok 10) - Video of Facts, Myths and Mysteries -

According to Osipow, even though CD theories may be clustered into groups, they are intertwined and may draw from one another in actual practice and in empirical research. In addition, interrelationships exist between CD theories and CD definitions.

In fact, as is discussed below, there satlan bk karir been a call for a convergence of CD theories into a more comprehensive theoretical framework Chen, ; Osipow, ; Zunker, Nonetheless, each theory identified also has distinguishing features.

Method for Exploring CD Definitions A review of literature, analysis, and synthesis was utilized to answer the research questions forwarded in the current study. Electronic databases were used in the literature search aimed at identifying a maximum number of CD definitions.

In an effort to focus our search, articles were only selected if published after In the case where sources identified cited CD definitions published prior tooriginal sources were accessed.


Searches for books associated with the subject of this article were utilized using an internal electronic search engine at a major university in the central United States and online book satlan bk karir catalogs www.

Books were considered for use only when a majority of references were from refereed journals and scholarly works. Satlan bk karir initial search was conducted using the term career development and yielded more than 1, sources.

In an effort to reduce the number of sources to only scholarly works, those sources not containing references were eliminated as were those from nonrefereed articles or books that did not use scholarly references. The remaining articles and books were reduced to fewer than by searching the text of each publication to determine whether an explicit definition of CD was provided.

Pengembangan karir

The process identified above yielded satlan bk karir providing explicit definitions of CD. One limitation of the current study is that the vast majority of these sources originated from the United States.

After eliminating redundant definitions the search yielded 30 distinct definitions of CD. A small number of the definitions were found to have modifiers e. It is important to note that we recognize that this exploration can be challenging for the following reasons: Although CD literature and some literature in psychology and management may explore related issues, satlan bk karir explore theory building explicitly.