Download apps for Symbian. Download YouTube for Mobile, Nokia Ovi Maps, Ovi Maps and more. Top 5 e-reader apps. Read more. Detect a 2D BeeTagg, QR-Code or Datamatrix by taking a photo and detecting it. The BeeTagg Reader will take you to the contained information by launching. Found 3 Free Document Scanner Nokia E5 Apps. Download Nokia E5 Apps for free to your S60 phone or tablet. Why not share and showcase your nokia e5.


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Plan the perfect route and find interesting places along the way with Ovi Maps. Choose from scanner for nokia e5 ever-growing selection of apps from Ovi Store — widgets, games, productivity tools and a whole lot more.

Discover new tracks at Ovi Music and then simply download your favourites directly to your phone.

Nokia Screen Reader

Find nearby restaurants, landmarks, events and other points of interest as you travel from place to place with Ovi Maps. Get turn-by-turn voice instructions and detailed city guides as part of your scanner for nokia e5 lifetime navigation licence. Design Make a statement — the slim, contemporary design with stainless-steel accents gives this device a distinctive look and feel.


See everything clearly on the 2. Photos and video Capture high-resolution photos and DVD-quality video using the 5 megapixel digital camera.

QR code reader for Nokia E5

It can be used to improve readability in every-day life situations such as reading "fine print". Anyone who has difficulty seeing "fine print" or small objects can benefit from using this application readily available on their S60 phone SymbianBible Series 60 3rd Edition Symbian OS, Series 60 Version: This program, allows you to browse, navigate and search verses of the Quran.

This in turn does have some implications for specification, in that the Eseries stalwart BP-4L battery would have been too tight a fit, so instead we've got a mAh BL-4D battery - although an obvious compromise, in practice it makes little difference, scanner for nokia e5 typical E5 users will still see an easy two or three days use per charge.


No, the big compromises made for the E5 are in the screen and the camera. The QVGA display is a cheaper transmissive-only TFT the E61, E61i, E71, E63 and E72 all used a Nokia standard transflective screen scanner for nokia e5, meaning that it looks similar indoors but washes out to nothingness outdoors in any degree of sunlight.

This is clearly a case of cost-cutting - I'd love to know what the relative costs of transmissive-only versus transflective screens of the same size are - anyone know? Regardless, this inability to work outdoors is a dealbreaker for me and, I suspect, for many others.

Free Document Scanner Nokia E5 Apps - Mobiles24

But at least here there scanner for nokia e5 an obvious trade-off. The former has glorious colours indoors and potential power savings, while the latter offered a whole new way of interacting with the device. The E5's screen is just The camera is more arguable. At first sight, it's a downgrade from for example that in the E72, since it's a fixed-focus, no focussing necessary, affair, despite its 5 megapixel resolution.

The optics and sensor are very obviously cheaper there's that theme againbut in their place comes Nokia's excellent EDoF camera technology. I've written about EDoF before, explaining how it worksbut suffice it to say through a clever multi-wavelength lens and algorithm that what you shoot is 'automagically' in focus from about a metre to infinity, quickly and efficiently.

Free Document Scanner Nokia E5 Apps

There are some sample E5 camera photos below. Purists will say that scanner for nokia e5 camera's not very good at handling anything challenging and they'd be right.

But EDoF does mean acceptable results for casual users with 'less ways to much things up' and in that regard it's possibly preferable to the E72's more powerful camera that needs a deft touch to focus images properly.