In linguistics, subordination is a principle of the hierarchical organization of linguistic units. The dependent clause is called a subordinate clause and the independent clause is An adjective that modifies a noun is subordinate to the noun and the noun is superordinate to the adjective; a noun phrase (NP) that is the. Superordinate Clause. Source: Concise Oxford Companion to the English Language Author(s): Tom McArthurTom McArthur. In grammatical analysis, a term for a clause that contains another clause. SUPERORDINATE CLAUSE. In grammatical analysis, a term for a CLAUSE that contains another clause. In It was raining when I left home, the sentence constitutes a superordinate clause, since it contains a subordinate when-clause.


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A Comprehensive Grammar is a complete reference guide to modern Turkish grammar. I imagine it is just the first step in some kind of larger analysis. When things go awry in one of their sentences I ask them to identify the clauses, and their subjects superordinate clause predicates.

Superordinate clause Archives - Linguistics Girl

This is often enough for them to see what has superordinate clause wrong. The same applies to their reading too. The head directly dominates its dependent. These trees illustrating subordination can be compared with superordinate clause illustrating coordination.

There are various proposals concerning the tree representations of coordinate structures.

The following trees are just suggestive in superordinate clause regard. The constituency relation is again shown in the a-trees on the left, and the dependency relation superordinate clause the b-trees on the right: The constituency trees show that both parts of the coordinate structure project up to the root node of the entire tree, and the dependency trees illustrate that each word again projects just a single node.

Both representation formats illustrate the equal status of the coordinated units insofar as they are placed on the same level; they are equi-level.

Aspect, Tense and Action in the Arabic Dialect of Beirut - Stefan Bruweleit - Google Buku

From an organizational point of view, subordination is grouping words together in such a manner that includes hierarchical and linear order, whereas coordination is grouping words together just in terms of linear order.

Coordination, in contrast, is NOT superordinate clause a default principle and has therefore been studied in great detail. Since the second Clause in 43 is clearly an S-bar, superordinate clause it follows that the first Clause must also be an S-bar — one in which the C omplementiser position has been left empty.