It is , and Ann Eliza Young has recently separated from her powerful husband, Brigham Young, prophet and leader of the Mormon Church. Expelled and an. Start by marking “The 19th Wife” as Want to Read: Loved the 19th Century Brigham Young/Ann Eliza part (3 1/ stars), the modern part I could have done without (2 stars). David Ebershoff is the author of four books, including The Danish Girl and the #1 bestseller The 19th Wife. Summary and reviews of The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff, plus links to a book excerpt from The 19th Wife and author biography of David Ebershoff.


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Historically, marriages took place within an extended family, where parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters with their spouses and offsprings all cohabitated on the same land and it was possible for children the nineteenth wife be raised by more than just the parents.

  • The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff
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It relieved the pressure on the nuclear family and provided a much-needed support system. Polygamous marriages offered the same benefits for young women, who did not enjoy a support system, who otherwise faced a difficult road on their own often immigrants who struggled to the nineteenth wife.

It becomes even more relevant in the modern society where single parent homes are challenging the nineteenth wife for children in which the single parent often must work two to three jobs to survive. If a woman informally enters a polygamous marriage and then gets a divorce she can be the nineteenth wife without any legal rights to financial support, etc.

Similarly, polygamy might not be a good thing but a world with above-board polygamy is probably better than one where it is driven underground.

The 19th Wife - David Ebershoff

Anyone apposing them are in danger. They have their own heavily-armed security forces! Mmmm, can it be regarded as legitimate robbery of the nineteenth wife resources?


A goal in itself, perhaps? I even suspect that it will eradicate this practice on a grand scale if legalization can happen!

The 19th Wife

As soon as these single mothers become married women, they lose the nineteenth wife social benefits from the government, and one man will be the fool of a century to take on so many wives! Didn't Warren Jeff, or his father, had more than 'wives'?

The only measuring stick to condone any practice is to ask the question: If 'yes', then compare the benefits of each possibility, since the modern world is not about being right or wrong, it is about being free to make choices.

Minor children should not be allowed to marry. We choose the consequences when we choose the action.

The 19th Wife (TV Movie ) - IMDb

The choice should always be a free one. And that does not happen in all these different religious groups. Hence books like the nineteenth wife are so important to be written. Both sides of the coin is being addressed relatively well. Yes, looking at both sides of the coin was my main aim!

The 19th Wife - Wikipedia

I have read hordes of other books, reports, papers, news articles and whatnot on modern polygamy, including the Mormon version, and thus enjoyed reading the historical background once again in this particular form.

The author really managed to bring the background of the characters alive. BeckyLyn Scott is accused of killing her husband. The nineteenth wife is his 19th wife.

Queenie is Jordan Scott's half-sister. He is excommunicated when he is caught holding hands with her. She remains in the community and helps Jordan investigate their father's murder.