the municipality of Cerknica, to the west with Borovnica and Vrhnika VOZNI RED AVTOBUSOV VRHNIKA – BREZOVICA PRI LJUBLJANI. time activities in the municipality, while local Caritas and Red Cross organisations Beneath the slopes nearby Borovnica, half way to Vrhnika, the Dukes of. Stara Vrhnika kri i e, Stare Slemene, Stare Slemene Gra i, Stare age . Vrhav, Vrhe pri Pire ici, Vrhnika, Vrhnika hrib, Vrhnika Jazon, Vrhnika LPP.


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Prehistory and history In the larger part of the valley, thousands of years ago, a shallow lake was stretching all vozni red vrhnika way to the slopes of mountains that surround the valley. The archaeological findings provide evidence for the existence of pillar dwellings in the area of Ljubljana Moors.

Christopher at the church of St. John the Baptist — was established. During the reign of Emperor Joseph II at the end of the 18th century, also this monastery was dissolved to make vozni red vrhnika for modern industry and trade.

At present, it hosts the largest museum in the country — Technical Museum of Slovenia. Only a few kilometres from the monastery in the direction of Vrhnika, near the vozni red vrhnika of Verd, the history oldest wood wheel was found in The construction of m long and 38 m high viaduct that on 25 arches spanned across the Borovnica Valley boosted the settlement that increased its population tenfold and more.

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At the beginning of WWII in Yugoslavia, the withdrawing Yugoslav Army blew up part of the bridge that was after the last major Allied aerial attack in never repaired again. With an vozni red vrhnika of a single pillar, it was soon after WWII demolished.

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A railway track was in rerouted to vozni red vrhnika edges of Borovnica Valley in order to maintain the busy railroad transport to the North Adria ports. Nevertheless, from the interesting chain of five historical rail bridges in the municipality, two still serve their original purpose.

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A part of the abandoned railway track, including original three arches bridge at Breg-Pako, is today in vozni red vrhnika as access road and as a recreation and tourist track that offers magnificent views on Ljubljana Moors, subalpine hills and Alps. The single remaining pillar of the largest bridge still stands in the middle of present-day Borovnica and is protected as a technical monument.

Next to few commercial farmers there are many small scale farms where farming presents additional source of income and preservation of farming traditions. In addition to farming, gardening for self-supply with home-grown fruits and vegetables is very popular and is together with a growing part of small scale farming increasingly dominated by organic agriculture techniques, partially steaming from preserved old knowledge and practices.

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Activities in the field of maintenance of traditional sorts and techniques of farming, gardening and beekeeping are in the municipality practised and promoted by very active associations of pomology and beekeeping.

As the forestry is still very developed and presents an important part of the economy of the municipality, wood processing industry collapsed. Only the chemistry factory Fenolit Ltd.

Renewal and revitalisation of industrial zone is one of the key challenges in the field of economic development in the municipality. The proximity of the main railway corridor in the country that connects Port of Koper with Central and Eastern Europe is together with proximity of the capital city of the country seen as one of the main opportunities for development of advanced green, lean and clean vozni red vrhnika business.


The environment Outside of the settlements, almost the whole territory of the municipality is classified vozni red vrhnika Natura Area. Large area is also under special water protection regime as the underground water is of the top quality and serves for public water supply vozni red vrhnika the regional level.

Area of Ljubljana Moors is in addition also under Landscape Park Ljubljana Moors protection regime that should provide special protection to endangered habitats and species and preserve the eco-system function of the marshes.


vozni red vrhnika Rare and endangered bird and butterfly species and all large European carnivores brown bear, wolf, lynx and jackal are present on its territory. Welcome to "Cocaine stimulation" service — the world of legal euphoria, where energy, enjoyment and fun make up the ever-present flavour of our life style.